Floor Update and Photo Wall Inspiration

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last night Mr. and I moved all of the furniture out of the upstairs bedrooms.  Today I will clean and prep the floors and apply the first coat of floor paint.  I will take pictures to share, but until then, here are a few that I took over the weekend while in Williamsburg.  Mr. mentioned that he would like to have some black and whites for a wall gallery in his new office so I took a few of these photos with that in mind.  The water images are of the James River.

    Have a great day!

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      1. Rene, I can't wait to see your floors! And you were in Williamsburg and didn't tell me?! ;-) Our daughter graduated from W&M, so we know the area well! I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and I love the pictures!

        Kat :)

      2. i love williamsburg! we were just talking about taking the kids there next summer. it is so pretty and so rich in history.

      3. Super photos, Rene. What setting do you take your pics on? Have fun working on that floor. Can't wait to see it.

      4. I can't wait to see the floors! I'm so excited, like they're for me:-)

        And those pictures are very nice! I like the one of the rocks and broken shells!

      5. great pictures, i especially like the second one. artistically shot!

      6. I guess it's a good thing I took the pictures before I rode the roller coasters ;)

        Kim, I usually use the auto or easy setting. I am slowing making my way through the manual though and will hopefully learn how to use the other settings eventually. I do a lot of tweaking in Picassa...don't know what I would do w/o it.


      7. The James River looks beautiful as always.... coming from a Richmond girl :)

        xo Laura

      8. Rene, the pictures are beautiful! You got mad skillz!

      9. Great pics and in black and white, they'd be so amazing too.

        Can't wait to see the floor project. Please do a step by step. So many of us, I'm sure, would love to see the how to.

        I sure would love it

      10. My husband and I just went on a "mini-moon" to Williamsburg this past weekend! So much fun...I love the photos you captured!

      11. Great photos Rene! My parents go to Williamsburg quite a bit and they love it there! I think black and whites of the photos you took are going to look beautiful! Can't wait to see the floors! have fun!!

      12. Nice pictures Rene'. I especially like the first three of the water and rocks and shells.

        Have fun with your floors!

      13. Great pictures! Our plan is to do black and whites from our trips. I'm looking forward to your paint progress.

      14. Great photo's! Can't wait to see your floors, too!!

      15. Beautiful pictures,Rene. I love black and white photos too...We just don't see them enough anymore.
        I haven't been to Williamburg in years and your beautiful pictures brought back wonderful memories. Thank you.


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