Ashe County Farmer's Market

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We are fortunate to have family in the NC mountains whom we visit once a month, most months of the year.  This week, I am sharing some of my favorite things about Ashe County, where the bulk of America's Christmas trees are grown - or so I am told.  Today I will share the farmer's market.

It seems that mountain people have always had the right idea when it comes to growing your own food and recycling.  For generations, they have lived simply.  Every time I visit the Ashe County Farmer's Market, I am reminded of this.

Can't you just hear Barbara Mandrel singing, "I was country, when country wasn't cool"?  I think that is why I like visiting this area so much.  When we go for the weekend, we unplug.  The simple life, if only for a day or two, is very nice.

Most farmers have small offerings of hand grown and hand picked, organic produce - perfect in every way.

Have you ever seen mushrooms for sale that are still on the branch?

Two retired gentlemen tie flies to fill their spare time - truly an art form.  Fly fishing is big along the New River when the trout are plentiful.

Another gentleman makes walking sticks and sling shots, a favorite of our boys.  No worries, they don't shoot animals, only each other.  Just kidding.

Mom has a collection of these pine trees which are almost mandatory in a mountain home.  No two are the same, just like in nature.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this bumper sticker on the way back to the car.  A man snickered when he caught me in action.


  1. Trips like that make for a great escape. Great photos!

  2. It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place! It would be nice to "unplug" for a couple days!

  3. I love farmer's market. I just posted about our farmer's market this past Sunday. I noticed the picture of the fairytale eggplants - aren't they so cute?? I picked some up this w/e - so delicious!

  4. I would love to go to a place like that. Look at all that fresh produce. Love the bumper sticker!

  5. How beautiful! I love that bumper sticker!

    Mary Ellen

  6. Man! These photos are fabulous! They would be great on the new site, - the site is a new nationwide local food guide, based in real-time images of what's fresh now - Ashe County has a farmers market page but no photos yet - you should post them and help promote your local farmers!

  7. Beautiful pictures Rene! This is my favorite time of year, when the farmers market is just bursting with fresh produce. You can't beat it!

  8. This market looks like so much fun! Everything looks so fresh and yummy!


  9. Thanks for the tour of the farmer's market. It makes me think of Fall and all the upcoming fairs around here. I would love one of those walking sticks.

  10. there is something about a good farmers market...and so much to take photos of. The colors are inspiring. Thanks!

  11. North Carolina is the second biggest producer of Christmas trees. The National Christmas tree convention was in Winston Salem this last week. My two girls who sing in the Central Carolina Children's Chorus were guest performers on the first day on the convention 8-11-2010.

    I learned a lot sitting in the back listening to the speakers and the WS mayor about how important the industry is for our state. The conference featured 500 years of decorating and different states researched and presented their trees for the conf. When we were leaving we happened upon the conf. room where the NC growers have a contest for the best trees. It is labor intensive work for the growers to "trim" the trees in July and August so that they will have the "proper shape" for the consumer. We have different varieties and the same type of tree can have full thick needles or smaller needles and not be as "plump". Growers also have to be aware of holiday trends so that they have the trees the consumer wants. This organization is also where they find the grower that has a tree for the White House each year. Yes, I learned all this in about 1 1/2 hours and got to listen to these children sing beautiful Christmas music in August.

    Thank you for letting me share.
    Always, Teresa

  12. Thank you Teresa. Wow, you did learn a lot in 1 1/2 hours! I love driving by the tree farms and seeing all of the trees lined up in neat little rows all over the mountainside. Our family also enjoys having our tree cut from one of the farms. You are right, a ton of work goes into the industry.


  13. We play in New River every summer. Time definitely SLOWS - and i treasure every minute of it.

  14. Love the pictures! The produce is delicious-looking...

  15. I love farmer's markets!! Don't you feel so healthy when you buy their produce?
    These are delicious images.

  16. That produce looks good! I go to our local farmer's market once a week. Nothing like fresh produce! That honey looks delicious!

  17. Thanks for sharing this wonderful farmers market with us. Beautiful photos!
    ~ Jo :)

  18. Hi Rene! Fabulous farmers market photos! amazing...those mushrooms. Never saw them sold that way before. Wow. Love the pine trees, too. And the crowning touch? The bumper sticker! Perfect.

  19. I love this time of year when everything is so fresh and plentiful!

    Great photos.



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