My Favorite Staycation Spot

Thursday, July 15, 2010

 Welcome to my staycation spot.  This is where we pretend like we are somewhere else.  There is a place that my family goes in La Quinta, CA most every year that has a fabulous little courtyard.  The desert mornings are cool so we turn on the fire-pit while we drink coffee and read.  In the evenings, we sit and count stars, because I swear there are more stars in the desert.  Mr. and I both agreed that we wanted a little haven like that at home, so we created this deck/courtyard garden area that can be accessed from the sun room or dining room.

 During the humid southern summer days when no one is out except the mosquitoes, the ceiling fan comes in handy.  The partial shade from the pergola is welcome on days when the sun is really intense.

 So are you going somewhere this summer or are you on a staycation too?

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  1. What a beautiful little sanctuary! I love that you used natural and calming colors and accents.
    This would be the place I would be to have morning coffee.

  2. Hi Rene!
    Love your
    stacation "place!"
    What a lovely
    escape that you
    created in your
    back yard. No
    big trips, just
    one to the Pac NW
    to visit my folks,
    next month. I am
    especially looking
    forward to hitting
    the Oregon coast : )
    We have heat and
    mosquitoes in MN
    and I'm looking for
    a respite, from both!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Rene, I love your back yard. Such a beautiful garden area to enjoy and how nice to have the pergola and fan. I sure could use those on my deck. Way too hot to use now. I don't think we are going anywhere until Labor Day weekend. Stay cool.

  4. What a great spot to escape to. Having recently moved to a new place, Western New York and about 15 minutes from Canada and Niagara Falls, our vacation is like a staycation. Just enjoying exploring our new surroundings.
    Hope you are having a lovely summer. I'm enjoying visiting your blog as well.

  5. It looks great Rene, I love how you have 2 seating areas.

    We go to Maine in August for a nice, slow vacation. Lots of beaches, walks, and scallops!

  6. that looks so relaxing and peaceful! i just had my stacation at home! the kids and hubby went away and left me alone- that was a fabulous rest!

  7. That's a great space for stacation! We will be stacationing until Fall...then we FINALLY get vacation! Love your blog~ Nancy

  8. That is a gorgeous spot. I would love to have a morning brew there. Love your blue hydrangea by the way!

  9. You have created a wonderful haven in your back yard Rene! For the most part, it is definitely a stacation for me this summer. Although, in September I will go to Maine to visit my parents.

    ~ Tracy

  10. lovely! i'd be happy with that set up....and never want to leave!

  11. Your yard is gorgeous!

    Our deck, which is accessed via french doors in the dining room, is set up high above our street. It is is shaded by 3 HUGE fir trees and has a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier (which is snow-covered year round and 75 miles away).

    We're hosting a party on Saturday so I'll take a pic of our area.

  12. Oh Rene!
    I love it!
    Don't you just LOVE a good place to congregate for coffee!
    I do believe that is one of my favorite things to do with Greg...sip coffee on our deck...with the whole day ahead of us!
    Love your spot!
    And that little paradise in CA sounds dreamy!
    I love to watch the STARS!
    Love to wait on SHOOTING STARS and make a wish!
    Oh...let me ask.
    Do you resize your BIG pics (which I love) in blogger or somewhere else!?
    Can't wait to have a wider template for big pics!
    Happy Summer!

  13. Thanks everybody! Look at your cute pic Teresa! To answer your question, I do all of my pictures using picassa 3 and chose the x-large size in blogger. Let me know if you need more info.


  14. your backyard is beautiful. looks like an oasis! :)
    i think we will definitely be doin' the staycation thing this summer. we are moving into a new home and will be working hard to make it our own little oasis. plus with a 13 month old, sometimes staying home is just more practical! :)

  15. You have certainly made a beautiful haven at home. I love your pergola with the fan and your blue hydrangias are gorgeous. It will be a stacation for me this summer with little day trips around California.

  16. What a wonderful spot! I love your flowers and the pergola is charming.

  17. Rene, that space is absolutely gorgeous! I need your help in my garden!

  18. What a beautiful place you have! I would never leave! Enjoy it...

  19. What a beautiful place to sit and relax. I love it. We're always on a staycation here. Maybe someday I will actually be able to afford to take us somewhere.

  20. I love this area of yours! Perfect for summer sipping and reading.

  21. We are having a stacation, but we have decided to have it on YOUR patio since yours is better than ours... LOL Really lovely!


  22. I love when you give us little peeks into your outdoor space - it's always a lovely surprise!

  23. Eventually, I want my entire house to feel like a weekend staycation retreat... if it doesn't kill me first! ;) Your spot is one to envy! Beautiful!

  24. Oh what a great staycation location! I would to be sitting there drinking some cold lemonade reading my latest house beautiful magazine!

    Thanks for coming over to my blog! I love your header! I'm here to stay:-)

  25. Beautiful! I'm your newest follower!


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