Guest Blogging With Emily Clark

Friday, July 30, 2010

    Today I am guest blogging over at one of my favorite blogs, Emily A. Clark.  Check out my kitchen here.

    Do you have plans this weekend?  I will be waiting in long lines with hot (and I don't mean sexy) people waiting to ride this..."There's my feet dangling"...
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks again, Rene. Your "I don't mean sexy" comment in your post cracked me up. Ain't that the truth? :)

    2. Great blog at Emily A Clark! Love you kitchen.
      I hope that you do find someone sexy standing next to you, make the wait a little less painful! ;) Have a great weekend!

    3. Loved the guest blogging segment!

      I'm your newest follower!

    4. You crack me up Rene! Despite the long and hot lines, have a fabulous time at Busch Gardens! Too amuse myself when standing in those lines, I people watch. It keeps me quite amused. I will go visit Emily A Clark now.

      Have a fabulous weekend!

      ~ Tracy

    5. Loved seeing your kitchen Rene!

    6. Love your kitchen, Rene! Great guest post.

    7. i dont think i had seen your kitchen before. very nice!

    8. I'll hop over to visit Emily A. Clark's blog to read the latest post. In the meantime, enjoy your day at Busch Gardens...while standing in line you can people watch and make up stories about their makes the line go faster and the weather seem cooler.
      I love your kitchen! Kitchens are truly the heart of the home. Enjoy your day.


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