Blind Hem Stitch

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    A couple of weeks ago I shared a tutorial for this boudoir pillow with you that I made for a friend.  This pillow is going into the master bedroom along with new panels for the windows.  My friend wanted to keep the panels simple so that when the money tree in her backyard grows and they are able to add a downstairs master bedroom, this room will become a bonus room and the curtains will still be suitable for the space.

    My friend found a lovely creamy linen fabric here.

    Just between us, when I make curtains for our home, I cut a lots of corners.  These curtains need to look professional complete with lining.  Yikes.  The trick is in the blind hem stitch.

    How to sew a blind hem stitch:

     1.  Fold main fabric edge over 3/4", so that main fabric is even with the edge of the lining.

       2.  Fold main fabric over another 3/4", so that the cut edge of the fabric is enclosed.  Press and pin in place.

       3.  When you sit down to in front of the sewing machine, your fabric should be in this position.

      4.  Fold back the hem so that 1/4" of the main fabric is showing.

      5. Sew along the main fabric using the blind hem stitch setting on your machine.

      6.  When you are finished, the stitching will look like this on the back side of the curtain.

       7.  The front of the curtain looks like this with only a trace of stitching.

      There you have it,  professionally lined curtains.  As I have always told my boys, if you can read, you can cook.  The same goes for sewing I suppose.


      1. I fake all my sewing and didn't know this tip - this is going to come in handy over the next few months! thanks!

      2. Rene, I did not know you were such a good seamstess. I am only just beginning. Thanks for sharing that just in case I ever do that.

      3. Thanks for the great tutorial Rene! Once I find the perfect fabric I am making curtains for my dining room. I'll definitley use your tips!

      4. Great, I did not know how to do this!! Thanks for showing us!

        Found you from Arlene's "blug", from "My Blue Sofa"...glad I did!

        Mona Kay

      5. Great little tutorial! I have a blind hem stitch on my machine and I actually forgot how to use it!


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