Hydrangeas and an Arrangement

Sunday, June 13, 2010

     How was your weekend?  Are your ready for another busy week?  We are just back from dinner with Mom and D and I couldn't wait to share photos from the garden there.
     You can see the Annabelle and Nikko Hydrangeas.  Then in the background is a Natchez Crape Myrtle.  Molly is there to great us of course.
     We had a storm both here and in my home town that flattened the hydrangeas.  I'm so glad that I took pictures before this happened.  Hopefully they will perk up in a few days, but until then, boo hoo.

     It amazes me how so many colors can appear on one plant.  This is a French Hydrangea that we gave Mom years ago and it was a dark pink.   The ground cover you use makes a difference in the ph of the soil causing the flowers to change colors.  In this case, they are mulched with pine bark.  There is also an additive that you can find in garden centers that will change the color to a deeper blue.
    Have I ever told you that Mom is the master when it comes to arrangements?  She can take a few cuttings from the garden and create a beautiful display.
     The arrangement contains:
    white flowers: Gardenia
    blue, purple, and pink flowers: assorted hydrangeas
    variegated greenery: Acuba


    1. What beautiful garden pics, and I hope your hydrangeas perk back up soon!

      And your mother is a master of flower arranging! What a beautiful bouquet!

      Kat :)

    2. Oh my...simply breathtaking!


    3. Beautiful!!!! Hydrangeas are my favorite!

    4. Those hydrangeas are stunning. My one bush is pathetic. I have two blooms. That arrangement is fabulous. She is good.

    5. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

    6. Ahhhhh...beautiful flowers...my fav! Your mom did a wonderful job with the arrangement! Hope you have a great week:)


    7. How beautiful! Your mother's hydrangeas are lovely and that flower arrangement is amazing! Lisa

    8. That is GORGEOUS! I am redoing my landscaping and would like to include some hydrangeas. Love them!

    9. Stunning flowers! I love this arrangement! She is talented!

    10. WOW! Such a beautiful arrangement! And the garden! Lovely!

    11. Your hydrangeas are fabulous!! The same thing happened to mine after a huge rain storm. The heavy rains actually broke some of my bushes....so sad. Hope they come back next year!!

    12. I am going to post some hydrangea's of my own....
      this week. Yours are gorgeous.....

    13. I would love to have a garden like yours. I'd fill it with hydrangeas and peonies. Beautiful.

    14. Oh my - Your Mom IS the master of flower arrangements! It's so beautiful! My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom - I can't wait until I can cut a few to bring inside.

    15. Sulfur in the soil for blue, lime for pink. I have hydrangeas all over my yard, and they are all different colors, not sure why, but maybe you are right, depends on what else is growing near them.

      Your mama has a great talent for arranging! Love how she used the leaves of the gold dust plant, I have one of those and never would have thought of using it.

    16. i l.o.v.e. hydrangeas, too! i just planted a few in the backyard, and took my first cuttings the other day! your arrangement if gorgeous. love the acuba greenery. what a nice addition of color and texture to the soft hydrangea foliage.

    17. Beautiful arrangement - so rewarding when they are homegrown. What an amazing garden too!


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