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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

     Maybe this will help to explain why I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things this week.  When we go to the mountains, we sit on the porch.  Period.  No, we do a few other things, but sitting on the front porch is a big chunk of it.  From the front porch we see....

    ...and then there is Mom's window box that might possibly be my new favorite color combination of lavender, orange, and white.

    I'm blaming my lack of motivation on the view and the fact that I would love to be sitting on the porch gazing at the pasture, the mountains, and the river while enjoying the cool mountain air.  What about you?  Would you rather be somewhere else?


    1. I would love to just sit down--period :) That first picture is too sweet.

    2. What a wonderful vacation! I love just sitting around with nothing more exciting in my agenda than drinking a cup of coffee. We all need to relax and I like how you do it!

    3. Rene, cute photo and yes I would rather be at the beach or in the mountains. I can do either one to relax.

    4. Rene,
      I am working hard at enjoying right where I am without having to feel the urge to get away. My husband and I had lunch just yesterday on the patio as he had a day off, and he said, I could get used to this!
      I love living in the moment-
      sweet photo-(s)

    5. I just said to my husband this morning, when he left for work, how wonderful it would be to spent all summer in the country in a small cottage, doing nothing but enjoying summer!
      Love your blog, btw. Greetings from Norway...

    6. I went to college in the mountains and miss something about it every season. During the summer, it's the hint of coolness in the breeze even on the warmest days...and the wildflowers. Think I'm gonna need to make a trip soon. :)

    7. I wouldn't mind being where you lovely! My first choice is always the beach! The beach at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club to be exact on a blue and white striped towel layed over a chair gazing into the Pacific Ocean...aaahhh wish I was there right now!

      Your picture is darling!


    8. I don't blame you, with views like that and your hubby by your side I wouldn't want to work either!

      I'd rather be sipping tea in a tiny tea room in the north of England right now! It's just too darn hot here at the moment!


    9. I'd love to be joining you on that porch - - it sounds blissful!

      Beautiful photo, as always. And I just have to say the cattle in the meadow are just too darn cute!

    10. You are making me miss our fam's mountain home. Sigh. I wanna be in GA in the Apps right NOW!

    11. Yes! I'm so excited about my trip to Florida next week that I can't concentrate on anything. Cute hubby!

    12. awww!!! so sweet and beautiful!

    13. I don't blame you! I want to be sitting on your porch! Those flowers are beautiful!

    14. I wish I had views like that! Cute phot too girl;-)


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