The First Sign of Summer

Friday, June 4, 2010

     It may not technically be summer yet, but when the pool bag makes its way from the hall closet to the coat rack, we may as well call it summer.  This is where it will stay when not in use and it is used, ahem, almost daily during the summer.  The coat rack becomes the pool towel rack and the spring jackets return to the closet.

    Yes this weekend Mr. CV, the boys, and I are all going to spend our time poolside working on our tans and reconnecting with our summer friends. 

    By the way, our 14 year old son painted this picture when he was just a little guy and we have enjoyed his perspective of the seasons for many years.  I miss those days of our boys bringing home pictures from school, sniff.

    Have a great weekend! 


    1. Rene', I remember those days! Soak up your time together, just like you soak up the sun!

      I noticed that darling picture first thing! You must love it there were you can see it coming and going in your home. And what an appropriate location~

      If you haven't, please stop by. I am having my very first giveaway. I would love to have you join in.

    2. We are so excited for summer and have pulled out the exact same pool bag last weekend! I like your idea of the coat/towel rack. Going to have to take a look around to see where I can hang one! Thanks for sharing the link! Will head over and check it out!
      Have fun pool side :)

    3. Rene, that is the cutest artwork. I thought you had bought it. How great that you son did that. Enjoy the pool. I don't go do that anymore unless we go on vacation. I get plenty of sun working in the yard though. I already have a very distinct flip flop tan.

    4. Have fun lounging by the pool!
      That is a great picture. I have a few things set aside from my girls to frame. They've made some really sweet things this year.
      Happy weekend!

    5. Have a great weekend. I declare it summer too. I love spring but I'm ready for summer. Don't forget the sunblock! You don' want a burn.

    6. My pool bag is at the ready, sunscreen, passes to our pool club, towels, goggles and we are set! I usually bring a book or some sort of needle work to do in the shade. My twins (17) just brought home loads of I hope your son never stops, love his picture of the Four seasons.
      Pretty pegged hallway too!

    7. Yep, summer is here. They're saying it will be 100 degrees today here in humid East Texas. Now if that isn't summer, I don't know what is. Love the drawing. So sweet and innocent, that it's a must to keep.

    8. Sounds like your in for a great weekend. Have fun.

      I'll be in the garden hoping to get a little color too! Because the alternative - blinding white legs - I can do without!

    9. Love the picture!
      With temps in the high 80's and a daily thunderstorm--I'd call that summer here.

    10. So ready for the pool! I have the pool bag....I just now need a pool! Your son's picture is adorable!

    11. I'm so jealous! Since we moved we no longer belong to a pool! Although I probably wouldn't want to be seen publicly in a bathing suit these days anyway!!! And I loved that painting your son made before you even said he had made it, but the fact that he was the artist makes it all the more special!

      Enjoy the pool for me and have a wonderful weekend!

      Kat :)

    12. ahhh the pool days when everyone is content for a few hours!
      I too love the seasons picture by your son. How special and what a great spot for it above your coat rack where the changing seasons are always displayed.

    13. Oh, just found your blog! I love your Pve illustration...

      The drawing by your son is just adorable, I see why you hang it here, I love love love kids artwork in homes!! And too funny, I think I need to go get a little color on my legs! :)

    14. How cute is that painting! And perfect for that spot!

    15. I love the picture your son did, it's darling! It looks so great hanging by those hooks!

    16. darling post... love the art.. and also your blog. i love your banner that miss pve created... magical...
      xx pam


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