DIY Trellis

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I had a completely different post in mind for today, but yesterday when I pretended to know how to use my camera, something went terribly wrong.  Hopefully I can figure it out today.
     Many of you have left comments about the New Dawn rose so I thought that I would share our DIY trellis.

    This wall is the exterior wall of the back of the garage and as you can see, there are no windows or doors.  Mr. and I wanted to add a vine to this wall, but trellises were a bit too pricey.

     To make our own trellis, we purchased garden fencing from Lowes and stretched it over screw hooks as you see here.  For reinforcement, we wired the fencing to the hooks.  We used four hooks to keep it in place, one at each corner.
    As the rose grows, we weave the new growth through.


    1. Ooooh Rene I love the doesn't take over the space and lets your roses be the main attraction. What a great idea; I have to try this!

    2. Well, aren't you two clever. That works perfectly. Who needs an expensive trellis. I love what y'all have done and love how it takes on a vintage look. That rose bush is just a knock out. I wish I had a good place for roses.

    3. That was smart. How old is that rose? Just wondering how fast they grow.

    4. I love the roses. I would love to have a rose climbing up my home. I am not too sure Mr. M. would let me screw into the house. I will have to stick to arbors for now.

      I would love to join your link but alas I usually am make up free. I will check back though.

    5. Trish, this rose has been here about three years. It grew almost this much in the first year. We prune it once or twice a year just to keep it contained in the space. If you are looking to try a rose, I highly recommend this one. It is old fashioned but low maintenance. We never spray it and it is disease resistant. This location receives full afternoon sun.

    6. It looks very natural, therefore is a lovely asset to your outdoor space. Love it!

    7. I am going to show this to my husband! He is the rose rower in the family! He grows them and cuts them for me when he thinks they are just right for a bouquet...he's sweet that way!

      I love the way they have covered the wall...simply beautiful!


      I am off to check out more fav fives goodies!

    8. love how you have trained the roses -looks so cottagey and natural!


    9. What a wonderful idea, and that rose is gorgeous!! Does it smell as good as it looks?!

      Kat :)

    10. Love this. The trellis is so fine it almost disappears into the background. Think my neighbors will let me do this to the side of their garage that I can't stand looking at?!!

    11. When I saw the heading of your post, I couldn't wait to open it. So funny....just the other day I was saying to my husband that I want to put a trellis on the back of our garage and plant a clematis flowering vine. Your DIY trellis w/the roses is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

    12. Wow, how beautiful! This would be so perfect for my mom's house. What time of year did you plant it?


    13. I planted it early spring and kept it watered well the first year.

    14. How beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration!


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