Boudoir Pillow Tutorial

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Recently, a friend asked me for decorating advice in her master bedroom.  The room is a very nice space already, but needed window treatments.  As we were fabric shopping, we found this chocolate and creme fabric that we agreed would be the perfect touch on a pillow for the bed.  Not in the original plan, but that didn't stop us.  I will share pictures of the room as projects are completed, but for now I want to share with you how I made the boudoir pillow for the bed.

    •  Enough fabric to cover front and back of pillow form plus 6"
    • coordinating thread
    • scissors
    • sewing machine
    • measuring tape
    • straight pins
    • iron
    • buttons
     1.  Measure the pillow form.  Add 1" to the width and length of your measurement for the front piece and for the back piece, add 8" to the back length plus a total 1" for the top and bottom hem.  The back piece is going to be much longer than the front piece.  Cut the back piece in half from top to bottom.

    2.  To make the back of the pillow, fold in the edge along one of the edges width wise and stitch with a 1/2" seam.  Repeat this step with the other back piece.  Iron.

    3.  Lay front piece of fabric right side up.  Lay one of the back pieces on top of the front piece face down matching corners. Pin corners.  Lay second back piece face down a align with the other two corners of the front piece.  Pin corners.  The top and bottom back panel pieces should overlap by about 4".  Pin all the way around.

    4.  Machine stitch 1/2" all the way around the cover.  Iron.  Turn inside out so that face of fabric is showing.  Iron edges for a nice finish.

    5.  Determine button placement.  3 buttons were used in this case.  Mark fabric for button holes and follow instructions for button hole making according to your machine.  Sew buttons on.

    I can't wait to start on the window treatments...


    1. Rene, I did not know that you were such a good seamstress. I have got to start using my sewing machine. I love that fabric.

    2. Rene,
      I loved that you added "Iron" to each step, as it truly makes the difference. Love the pattern and the pillow!
      Would you make a pillow for me? I would love one of those!

    3. Way cute Rene!! I really love the fabric. Can't wait to see the window treatments!

    4. I would be honored to make a pillow for you pve ;)

    5. Loving that fabric! I really need to learn to sew so I could whip up a pillow whenever I wanted. So pretty.

    6. Want one. Must remember how to thread the bobbin on my mother's sewing machine! :)

    7. I looked at this fabric in green! Love it, great tutorial...Janell

    8. I love that fabric and can't wait to see the rest of the room! Can you just make me one...I'm horrible at sewing! ;-)

      Kat :)

    9. I love the fabric..and the shape of the pillow.

    10. So pretty! And look how you lined up the pattern so perfectly. I love the size of it and the button closure.

    11. I love the fabric. What a fabulous pillow. I really wish I had a sewing machine and could sew. I would love to be able to make a pillow like that! I am looking forward to seeing more of the changes.

      ~ Tracy

    12. The fabric used in that pillow is gorgeous! Totally my style.
      I just came across your blog & love it! I am your newest follower.
      Have a lovely day!

      my blog:
      my shop:

    13. Pillows are so much fun to make! And far less expensive than buying them. Creativity is the limit. This is beautiful.

    14. Rene', This is a great tutorial! I love your fabric!
      You did a masterful and professional job on this lovely boudior pillow! I am bookmarking it because I want to make one too!

    15. Gorgeous pillow! Love the fabric...and the buttons;)!


    16. Where did you get that fabric??? Such a wonderful trellis print!

    17. Isn't pillows just all about the fabric? Love that fabric and I can see why you went ahead and made a pillow of it!

    18. Averill, I am fortunate to live near High Point, NC otherwise known as the furniture capitol. There are lots of fabric stores in the area and we found this at 1502...blogged about the store here

    19. The pillow looks great, Rene! Nice fabric choice. :) ~ Jo

    20. I am the lucky friend that now has this pillow. René has an amazing talent and I am so happy that she agreed to share it with me! The pillow is just perfect!

    21. I love the fabric and the button detial! Great work!

    22. this is a beautiful pillow. i love its architectural fabric and it's unusual shape that I know is just perfect for some space special.

      listen, why don't you include this tutorial into our DIY TUTORIAL linky party? our readers would love this one. here's the link:

      if you have more tutorials over time, you can come back every wednesday and also find there a 'pot of gold'- worth of other craft / diy / recycling ideas.

      see you soon i hope and i'll also stay tune to your step 2 on this project you're working on.

    23. I love the fabric! It would make awesome curtains for my dining room that is painted chocolate and white!

    24. That fabric is awesome! The pillow turned out fabulous! Great job!

    25. The fabric is beautiful! {In case you weren't sure after the 27th time that's been typed!} :) Great job!

    26. I love the pattern on the fabric. Great Job!! Visiting from CSI


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