Tissue Flower Tutorial

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

     If you have been following along, then chances are you already had a peek at the tissue flowers that I made last week. They turned out better than I imagined and making them reminded me of my childhood bedroom.  I used to make these flowers and hang them all around my room.  Pink ones.

    Here is the tutorial as promised.


    tissue paper - for flowers and stem
    wire - I used 19 gauge because that is what I had on hand.
    pipe cleaner

    Step one:
    To make the large flowers (approx. 20") which are good for hanging, stack eight sheets of 20x30" tissue paper.  To make the smaller flowers (approx. 10") which are good in an arrangement, stack eight sheets of 10x15 tissue paper. 

    Step two:
    Begin to accordion fold the sheets 1 1/2" for the large flowers and about an 1" for the smaller flowers.  Be sure to fold from the shorter end.  Continue until you reach the end.
    Step three:
     This step is what makes the biggest difference.  Decide whether you want your petals to have pointed or rounded edges and make the cuts accordingly.  I could only cut a couple of layers at a time.

     Step four:
    Once the edges are cut, fold the strip of folded tissue in half to find the center point.  Secure by twisting a pipe cleaner around the tissue.

    Step five:
    Separate the tissue one layer at a time beginning with the center petals.  Do this until every layer is separated.  If you plan to hang your flowers, then you are finished.  If you plan to use your flowers in an arrangement, go to step six.

    Step six:
    I wanted my stems to look more realistic and to scale, so I built them up a bit.  To do this I connected another pipe cleaner to the end of the one that I used to secure the center.  Next I twisted the pipe cleaners with  wire to make the stem more secure.  Once that was done I wrapped each stem with green tissue paper.  I didn't glue mine on.

     That's it...easy.  Let me know if you have any questions.  

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    1. Those are so pretty!! I am getting ready to make some to hang from Macy's ceiling. Thanks for the tips! xoxo

    2. I worked at an amusement park during the summers of highschool (Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, PA). I worked in the game department and we sold these tissue flowers on a stick. Not only did we sell them, but we had to make them..lol! I spent many hours in the loft of the Penny Arcade folding and pulling tissue into wondrous flowers that the peddlers would sling over their shoulders and sell for a couple of dollars. One of the things that we did was to use a rubberband to secure the tissue to the dowel. Place a small rubberband through the dowel, place the folded tissue just above the rubberband (near end of dowel) and hook rubberband over tissue and onto end of dowel. Did that make sense? It was very quick and very very easy...not that your method is not. I just wanted to share. thanks for bringing back the memories for me this morning.

      These would make fun favors for kids at a party as well.


    3. Oh thank you! I'm so excited to make them. For what?, I don't know, but I love these puffy flowers.
      I'll send you a pic when I do mine.
      Thanks again,

    4. Thanks for sharing that tip Jen. I have a feeling that many of us have memories of these flowers.

    5. Beautiful! I remember making these as a little girl. I'll have to share this with my little girl. She loves crafting!

      Mary Ellen

    6. These are so dainty and beautiful. The next best thing to the real deal. Thanks for the tutorial! I love flowers in all forms.

    7. Love it! So elegant. I picture these with candlelight underneath a large, old sprawling oak tree at dusk. :)

    8. Rene, those flowers turned out so pretty, but I don't think I would have the patience to make them. Great tutorial for those that do.

    9. Great tutorial Rene - I can't wait to make a few of these beautiful flowers!

    10. I have enjoyed catching up on your lovely posts after my days away from the computer! Love this idea...and your oakleaf hydrangea--one of my favorites!

    11. Thank you thank you thank you for these! I've been looking for a good tutorial so I can make some for an upcoming birthday party!

    12. When I saw this post....I immediately said.....oh goodie!!! I am so excited to give this a try.
      Thanks so much.

    13. Love these babies! I just made a bunch of them last weekend to decorate for my little sisters graduation party! So pretty!

    14. Thanks! I am going to make these and hang them up for a party next month!

    15. So cute.... easy and elegant at the same time!

    16. I remember making these as a child. They would sell these at the fair every year and were asking a lot for it so my mom taught me how to make my own. Ahhh the memories.


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