A Stroll After the Rain

Thursday, May 20, 2010

       We have enjoyed some much needed rain here at cottage and vine.  Funny how the garden changes in just a few days.  Mr. CV and I went out to take an inventory of things and were happy to find so many nice surprises.  The Annabelle hydrangeas are just about to pop.  They look like broccoli just before they bloom.  As soon as the weather is dry enough, I need to work on that bench.  Any color suggestions? 

      The Oak-leaf hydrangeas have certainly gotten their groove on since it rained.  They are the perfect combination of chartreuse, green, and white.  As the season goes on, they will begin to show soft shades of mauve and red.
       While we were oohing and aahing, we had a visitor.

      If there was ever a year for roses, this would be it.  At least for us, the roses have been show stopping.  Gardening takes a lot of time and patience and some years are better than others.
        This New Dawn rose, is one of my favorites.  It is the one that we used here and that we purchased here.

      I will leave you with this last image that made us both stop dead in our tracks.  The sun was in the perfect position and the timing was perfect as we discovered our magnolia tree blooming....I'm wishing I could bottle that fragrance.  Mr. CV said that nothing in this world smells better than magnolia.  I need to get with the fragrance companies asap don't I?


      1. Just beautiful! My annabelle hydrangeas are blooming - mostly green, still - but I have a few white blooms! This is a pretty time of year.

      2. Absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful to have a garden to stroll though like that! You've done a wonderful job!

      3. Rene, your flowers are all so pretty and what great photos. Don't you love when the sun is hitting just right for that photo moment. I love the smell of magnolias, too. We don't have any on our property. Those climbing roses are simply gorgeous. Have you always lived in Greensboro. I think I told you long time ago that I am from there. Haven't been back in a long time. All my grandparents have passed and my cousins and aunts and uncles have moved. I am sure there is someone left there, but not sure who.

      4. What a lovely garden! New Dawn is a fabulous rose ... I recommend it to anyone who wants a carefree pink climber. I may be the lone voice on this, but I love the bench weathered and silver just the way it is.
        (weird. My verification word for this comment is 'conifers')

      5. Thanks for the stroll at Cottage and Vine. I'm vicariously living through those of you who's flowers are blooming while I'm in this little apartment dreaming of the day when I'll be enjoying mine. Lovely

      6. Oh, I'm so jealous of your garden. Magnolias! Love em. Your beautiful roses too. Don't you just love spring!

      7. Glad to have found you, too! And you've solved a 30-something year mystery at our house. We have a rose-- long story--that has followed us everywhere since my mom rooted it when I was a baby. I've suspected it was a New Dawn-- and your post confirms that for me! Looking forward to reading more-- and I say TURQUOISE for the bench!

      8. What a beautiful walk through your garden -- thanks for your very sweet visit to my McDonalds farm table -- it's always nice to have friends at my table.

      9. Hi Rene. How about a creamy yellow for the bench? Creamy but glossy. I also like Melissa's suggestion of turquoise. The bench looks great nestled in all of those plants.

      10. I like both the idea of turquoise and pale yellow, but taking into consideration the color of the Annabelles when they bloom, the pale yellow would be very pretty. Thanks Erica, I don't think I would have ever thought of that color.

        I'm still taking suggestions.

      11. Found you through Triad Smarty Pants today and I KNOW I will be back! I LOVE your blog! Wonderful, fresh ideas!

      12. Love, love it! Rene',have I told you that I adore yor header!

        Art by Karena

      13. HI Rene! Your flowers are so pretty! I've only seen that type hydrangea once in person! It's gorgeous.
        Thank you for popping in to see me today.
        Be a sweetie,
        Shelia :)

      14. Rene, thank you for visiting and leaving a nice comment on my blog...it is very much appreciated.
        Your hydrangeas and roses are gorgeous!

      15. Hi Rene - thanks for visiting my little blog project. Although after seeing these photos, I think it's you that should be the garden blogger.
        In answer to your question about slugs on the hostas - I find the best remedy is to encircle the plants with crushed egg shells. The insects don't like crawling on the sharp edges. A tray of beer works too - they are attracted to the sweet smell of the hops (aren't we all?)

      16. OH. MY. BEAUTIFUL! Your garden is amazing. I'm in full planting mode right now(not my favorite) and can't wait until I have the time to admire garden in bloom.

        For the bench color - I'm like white. Think it would look so good against all the green. May seem boring but it's always stunning in real life.

      17. A lovely garden tour, Rene'. Enjoy your spring!


      18. Gorgeous! I bought a new dawn rose last year and know it will take years to look like yours but I cannot wait!!

      19. I am in Love. I am fairly new to gardening but it has become a passion.


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