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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We have this funky old ottoman that desperately needed to be swanned.  The fabric was pleather, hardly leather, and you can see from the picture that the fabric is loose and needs to be replaced.

I found this animal pattern at my favorite discount fabric store for $3 a yard.  Animal prints add so much to a room and this one certainly has.  When I walk into the room it says, MEOW.

The nail head trim was added above the legs on all four sides adding just the right touch.  I used my favorite scratch cover to clean up the finish.  Much better don't you think?

By the way, there is going to be a giveaway announced tomorrow and you're going to love it!


  1. Looks great! I love animal prints on ottomans--just the right dose.

  2. Rene, This ottoman certainly got swanned! And you did a top-notched job! WOW. I would love to have a tutorial from you about your technique. It looks professional! The corners are perfect! I am sooooo impressed! And the nailhead touches give it so much panache!
    What a nice chic new little piece you have. And a little touch of animal print makes a room fun!
    Kudos to you!

  3. Great Rene. Love that animal print what a great way to dress that poor pleather ottoman up!

  4. MUCH better! :) I love that fabric.

  5. I love it, I want to do something with a cow print. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Thanks everybody! Yvonne, I wish that I had taken "during" pictures, but the best way to describe what I did is to imagine that you are wrapping a gift. By pulling and stapling and sometimes re-stapling, eventually you achieve the snug look.

  7. I agree - this is great! You did a fantastic job!

  8. Love the re-do. I have more process questions, as I have a similar shaped one and been putting off recovering because of the rounded corners. Did you sew the cover at all, or just tucked and stapled? If you sewed, how did you get the rounded corners? Thanks for the help!

  9. Kat, at first I thought that I would have to sew, but as I worked with the fabric I realized that pulling and stapling as I went worked. It helps to stretch the fabric across the ottoman first as tightly as possible and staple several staples from the center working your way out leaving the corners free. Once you have the fabric as tight as you want it, begin working with the corners like you would wrap a present, trimming excess fabric, tucking, and stapling as you go.
    I hope this helps.

  10. Fabulous, just fabulous. So happy I found you today, I look forward to following :) xx

  11. Thank you for the inspiration! I have 2 ottomans that the kids have beat up. Going to start looking for some fun fabric!

  12. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! You did a GREAT job! Thanks for joining us for Anything Related!

  13. Thanks for the help. I'm going to tackle mine this weekend!

  14. oooohhhhhh! you did good! It looks fabulous!

  15. Meow is right!!! It looks fabulous! I think even Justin Timberlake would be jealous! ;)

    And I can't wait to hear more about your wonderful giveaway!!!

    Kat :)

  16. OK, Rene, this is the absolute cutest footstool I have ever seen ... it looks as if it's going to go waddling off somewhere; can't you just see it?
    Love the makeover -- the animal print looks fantastic on it!

    I love ottomans, footstools, whatever -- love to put my feet up! I hope if someone uses your cute "new" one to rest weary feet, that the shoes come off first!
    Lovely blog!

  17. Cass, this is Mr. CV's footstool and yes, it could go waddling off any minute, LOL. I'm not worried about shoes. This cat is tuff ;)

  18. Love that zebra fabric. You did a great job@

  19. That is sexy! Just look at her legs!
    Great job!

  20. "Im to sexy for your feet, to sexy for his feet so sexy I so neat!"

    LOVE the footstool! It IS sexy!

    Well done! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Leigh, Bloggeritaville

  21. Wooohooo, I love zebra print!! You've just upped the funky factor of your already funky ottoman!! Very cool :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  22. Hello sweet Rene - I'm a new follower via Met Monday (catching up from last week!). Love, love what you did to the ottoman. The new animal fabric is so fabulous! Great job.

    Thank you for sharing. I'd love for you to stop by for a visit - I'm having a giveaway!



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