Happy Birthday Dad

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday!  It's is hard for me to believe that if you were still with us you would be turning 68.  To me, you will always be 46.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, but I catch glimpses of you daily through the grandchildren you never had the chance to meet.

You would love them both and you would be so proud of them.  They are both smart like you Dad.  

I see your determined spirit in them.

Like you, they are tall, dark, and handsome....and creative.

I will never forget the October day when you and Mom came to see me at college.  The visit was unexpected and I sensed the news would be bad.  You told me about your disease and that your time left to live was indefinite.  Lung cancer had spread to your brain and treatments were scheduled.  You left us the following August.  After many treatments and much determination, your health failed and we had to say good-bye.

I would give anything for our boys to have one day to spend with you.  You had so much to give and your time was ended to early.  I try to teach them about everything that you loved ~ nature, The Kingston Trio, woodworking, birds, old houses, and gardening.  My hope is that our boys will get to know you at least in spirit.

Our home is filled with your beautiful creations.  Every room that I walk through has a piece of furniture, pottery, or jewelry made by you.  You had the ability to look at something and figure out how to re-create it.  I see that in our youngest.  You had a strong silent side.  I see that in our oldest.  After you became ill, you met my husband.  He was the only boy you approved of, and sadly, you didn't see us marry.

Now that time has passed, and as we continue on with our lives, you would be proud to see us now.  Mom is happy and has married a wonderful man who has been a loving grandfather to our boys.  Rick, the boys, and I are happy too.  We will miss you always, but sometimes things happen that we have no control over.  We simply carry on and pass on your love. 

Forever love,


  1. Rene, what a sweet tribute to your dad. Great photo of you and your sons.

  2. What a lovely tribute. He must have been a wonderful person.

  3. This is such a beautiful tribute to your dad. And something tells me he is very proud of you and your beautiful boys. :) Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. It sounds like your dad's spirit is in your boys, and you get to see a little of him even though he is not here. A beautiful post and tribute to your dad.

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to your dad. I lost mine to lung cancer too, he was 62. I, too, miss him every single day, but carry on.

    Memories are a wonderful thing!

    Precious photos!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. What a wonderful post! He is adorable! Hope you had a great mother's day! Love ya

  7. Tender, precious words. I miss my dad as well. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your post made me cry but in a healing way. I lost my dad last year and you're right. You never forget them. If anything, I am sure he his looking down on my when I am considering doing something he might not totally approve of. :) Oh the guilt. Other days I am hoping I have done something to make him proud. Maybe our dads have met in Heaven. Your dad sounds great and I know mine was so I'd like to think their paths have crossed.

  9. I meant to get over here sooner. Thanks for stopping by Vintage Remixed and for your kind words. Now, I'm off to poke around your blog some. :-)

    Thanks again,

  10. What a loving tribute, your father would be so proud, but not surprised. Life can be so unfair, but the time he spent with you was special and precious and he lives on in you and your boys and the love you still have for him.
    And, even though I talk to my dad every day, at 86, your post helps me to remember how fortunate I am to still have both my parents, so, thank you for that.

  11. Rene, I'm crying as I write this comment. I know your father is smiling down upon you and your entire family, and that he is so very proud of his wonderful daughter! Your sons are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother!


  12. Rene'
    This was such a sweet post about your dad.... it made me cry.

  13. I had never seen this post. My dad also died of lung cancer. He was 43 and I was 14. It was so advanced when they discovered it that there wasn't even time for treatments. Now that I'm married with children of my own, and with a husband who's 44, I realize just how young he was. And how scary it must have been. Growing up without him, for lack of a better word, sucked. I'm sorry for your loss. But happy to hear your mom found a man who became such a positive in your life and the life of your family.
    Send happy father's day wishes their way from Oregon. :o)


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