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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today is the last day to enter the 2Preppygirls giveaway.   For more info go here.

 My dear sweet friends who also happen to be my neighbors, surprised me the other day with this.

Recently I blogged about the rose that has formed an arch over my potting bench and my friends Stephanie and Laura of Be Creative turned my photo into stationery.  They even had it printed with my name on it.  I am so happy to have these beautiful note cards that have personal meaning and am truly touched by their gesture!

I was just thinking about all of the cards you could make this way.  By using a high resolution photo of 500 KB or more, you could print cards of your home, flowers, a family vacation, the dog...anything.  The cost for the cards is $14 for a set of 15, $25 for a set of 30, $38 for 45, and $50 for 60.

If you are interested:

Contact OR with your photograph and a statement saying that you have rights to the photo.  Be sure to specify any wording that you wish to have on your note cards.  The inside will be blank.  I thought it was so sweet that they added my name in the same pink as the rose.  Stephanie or Laura will then send you a final proof for your approval before printing.  Easy.

This little beauty came from Be Creative too.  Mr. CV gave it to me for Mother's Day.  Love it!  Have a look around the Be Creative shop.  They have all sorts of goodies that you will love.  To find out about new product, you might want to join the Be Creative facebook page.

 By the way, Stephanie and Laura are SAHMs who happen to have found their little niche doing what they love.  Stephanie is the mother of two beautiful girls, ages 11 and 13.  Laura is the busy mother of three cute little boys, ages 9 and 5 year old twins. 


  1. The stationary is beautiful. So sweet of them to do those for you! That necklace is incredible--just incredible!

  2. Rene, I love the stationary they created with your roses. That necklace is gorgeous. I will take a look at their site.

  3. Your necklace is gorgeous and the cards are beautiful...I am on my way to check out the site. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love you pretty cards, and your new necklace is just stunning! Gorgeous color!

  5. How cool, I will definitely check them out!

    And I love your beautiful necklace, it's gorgeous!

    Kat :)


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