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Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Happy Easter y'all!!  I hope that all of you have a had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with plenty of rest and relaxation.  We returned earlier today from a trip to the mountains and I would be lying if I said that Mom and I didn't hit the antique stores.  We did and I will post on that later in the week.

    I love going to the mountains because everything is so relaxed.  We eat when we are hungry.  We shower when we feel like it.  If we want to fish, we can walk across the street and find the New River.  If we want to hike, there is a mountain behind the house with an elevation gain that nearly put me in the hospital.  I really need to get serious about fitness again.  Antique shops abound.  Barns and cows greet you around every corner.  I just love it.  As much as I love it though, someone else might love it just a little bit more.


    Mattie Gray is beside herself from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave.  She loves it for several reasons.  One, all of her favorite people are there under one roof.  She loves her people.  Two, water.  Three, leash not required.

    Trout season opened yesterday and MG couldn't wait.  The guys were trying to fish and weren't very happy about her spontaneous dips into the water.  Here is my oldest trying to keep peace.

    Sometimes she goes too far ahead, but she always comes back.
    In the evening Mattie Gray likes to rest on the front porch with her people and gaze out at the river.  There is always a bird building a nest or a groundhog scurrying about.  Sometimes we see deer and the ducks are always floating by.

    When it's time to go home, and everyone is quietly reflecting, I wonder what she is thinking. 
    I wish every dog could have a day in the country and a family who loves them.


    1. I'm glad you had a relaxing time in the mountains this weekend! And I wish every dog had a wonderful family like Mattie Gray does!

      Kat :)

    2. Neat post because it made me want to go with you next time. I love details...I'm a details kind of girl. Thanks for sharing.

      BTW...your dog is so pretty.

    3. Mattie Gray is a beautiful dog and you captured some great photos. Thanks for sharing.

    4. You have such a beautiful dog! I'm a cat person, but I could be persuaded to go canine (or at least add canine) for a Mattie Gray. :) I love the pic of her by the tree - primed & ready for action!


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