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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    If given a choice between shopping in a mall and shopping in a thrift store, I would chose thrift store shopping any day.  Why?  Because it is a great adventure.  One.of.a.kind. things that you almost never see.  Cheap.  Also if I had my choice, Mom would be by my side.  We go from store to store picking up items and carrying them around, sometimes only to put them back where we found them.  One thing that we have noticed is that our tastes are a little more select than they were back in the day when we first started thrifting together.  We now have an eye for things that don't present themselves as often making them more special and we also are beginning to understand and appreciate a good buy when we see one.

    I love this little silver plated casserole server.  It was black when we bought it.  After using silver polish with slow results, I moved on to baking soda.  Worked like a charm.

    Mom found these cordial glasses while making her rounds one day.  Aren't they pretty?  The etching is even better in person.  Thanks Mom!

    I admit that I have weakness for lamps.  Genetics.  Funky old lamps are always on my list of things to look for when we are out and about.  It is always best to make sure that the wiring is in good shape.  If the color isn't just right, you can always use spray paint and wipe on poly to make the transformation.  Add a new shade and there you have it.  This lamp was already white, love white porcelain and ceramic lamps.

    Next week is spring break and Mom and I are looking forward to exploring our favorite stores in the mountains.  I'll be sure to take some good pictures to share.


    1. Rene, You and your mom sound like me and my mom. And yes I have become more discerning with time. I agree whole heartedly given the choice I would go thrifting before going to the mall. It is so much more fun. I love your recent treasures. Keep smiling, Marla

    2. What a lovely blog you have...just found you and so happy I did. I am like you...thrift store all the way...I visit my favourite every week..Heaven.I adore your treasures.
      Have a great day and I will be back to visit again. xox

    3. Oh my gosh, Rene. You found absolute treasures! I would make the same choice, thrift store over the mall! You are my kind of girl!

    4. Love it!!! I'm a thrift store junkie myself...I like things with stories and history...

      Thanks for sharing!!!


    5. I haven't set foot in a mall in over a year. They just don't appeal to me and anything I need from a mall I can buy online.

      I was never much of a thrift store shopper either, until the last few years. Now I can't seem to pass one by without checking out their wonderful one of a kind finds like the lovelies you have above! I love those cordial glasses, way to go Mom!

      Kat :)

    6. What did I cherish most about this post? I think it was that you said that you love shopping with your mom by your side. Sometimes I wonder if some of my friends think I am too close with my mom. No matter. She is one of my best friends. I can't shop with just anybody but I love passing a day with my mom.

      Beyond that I definitely let out an awwwwe when I saw that lamp. Definitely striking. It goes to show you that good design is never out of style.

    7. Oh wow!! you bought some great things.I love thrift stores, it's my favorite place to shop...Kathy

    8. I would choose going to thrift stores anytime over going to the mall !! Just way more interesting !! Lovely post !
      The Little Things

    9. What fun finds ~ I love the first one and the glasses as well. I never have much luck thrifting ~ can you give lessons?:)


    10. Ha ha Jo, my first lesson is that "thrifting" is not a verb, but I use as such. Wish you could come with sometime. It's fun!!

    11. If my mom were here, I know she's thrift with me! I did go to Good Will yesterday and picked up some beauties. :) Fun to visit you today!

    12. Rene, you found some great pieces. I have a weakness for lamps, too. My mom and I spent the day at my sister's today and stopped at a flea market on the way home. Love to go thrifting.

    13. my Mother has always been my inspiration! We love the days we can go thrifting together and hope to open another store together one day soon!!

    14. I enjoy your blog. You find such great things on your thrifting outings. I never find good stuff like that!

    15. What great finds! I love the vintage luggage. And that lamp is awesome!
      I just discovered thrifting in the past couple years and I kick myself for all the money I spent on mass produced stuff that everyone else has. Oh well...better late than never. Have a good Wednesday! Lisa

    16. Great finds Rene! Pretty new to "thrifting". I never seem to find the bargains. What are your secrets and any favorite places you can share with me?


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