Gethsemane Gardens

Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Meet my two new friends Josephine and Napoleon, hostess and host of Gethsemane Gardens, one of my very favorite nurseries.  Gethsemane Gardens specializes in Hellebores and woodland plants.  They also carry lots of winter bloomers which is such a treat this time of year.

    I discovered Gethsemane several years ago when I was shopping for a birthday present for Mom.  Mom is difficult to shop for and when I find out about something she wants, I try to beat her to it.  In this case, it was a white fruited Nandina.  I called every nursery in town and was referred to Gethsemane Gardens.  At the time, my oldest son was only 7 or 8 and really wasn't interested in going shopping at a "flower store".  He soon changed his mind.

     We were greeted by the owner, a hard worker, always in the middle of raking, planting, and tending the nursery.  I asked her about the white fruited Nandina  and she offered to take us out to the green house several acres away ~ via a golf cart.  My sons eyes grew big, wow, a golf cart ride.  The rest is history.

    I love a real working nursery.  Not one with big trucks that back in and deliver perfectly pruned and fertilized plants grown in optimal conditions.  No, this is the real deal.  Real people.  Real work.  Every day.  There is something to be said for that, and that is why I return year after year.


    The nursery is located off of a country road on a plot of land just perfect for a woodland garden.  A walk through the glade is much like an Alice in Wonderland experience, complete with little tea sets and magical creatures.

    The hellebores were just beginning to emerge above the foliage.

    Next we entered the greenhouse filled with fragrant Daphne and more Hellebores.


    Oh, did I mention the fresh eggs for sale in the garage?  Honor system, just leave the money in the refrigerator door.

    Above is a plate that I painted several years ago.  I saw one like it in Tiffany and Co. and made one for myself at one of those "paint your own" pottery places.  It reminds me of my favorite nursery.  The working one, with chickens and bunnies, and little tea sets tucked into the forest full of Hellebores.

    Thank you Josephine and Napoleon. 
    I am sharing this with A Southern Daydreamer.


    1. What a cute story and great pics. I wish there was a place like that here. Just your standard commercial places here. Thanks for sharing.

    2. What a wonderful place.....I want to live there!

    3. Oh I enjoyed your post. I live not too far from there but have never stopped in. I will now! Thanks!

    4. That is my kind of place to visit! Wonderful pics. Napoleon wouldn't happen to be a banty, would he? lol
      Have a good night, Lynea

    5. Lynea, Napoleon is a banty...I'm impressed! They named him that because he is the smallest rooster they have. Must have a complex? He looks like he has all the confidence to me though.

    6. I will definitely check this place out...looks perfectly wonderful!

    7. Can't wait to visit...looks perfectly wonderful!

    8. Looks like a little slice of heaven! I really like your hand painted plate too, nice job!~

    9. What a great post and great place to visit. Love the critters. You did a great job painting your plate!

      Thank you for sharing Gethsemane Gardens with us today!

      ~ Tracy

    10. Makes me want to get my hands in the dirt...I would love to visit there.

      Happy OW!!

    11. Lot the photos and the area. Gorgeous.

    12. What a wonderful discovery. Beautiful and FUN photos. I can see why your kids would love that garden. A tea party in the woods. totally charming.
      I love your hand painted plate. Lovely.

      Hugs, Jeanne

    13. Beautiful woodland garden. I could spend hours there. The garden building with the antique chairs is wonderful

    14. Beautiful blossoms, and the Nursery sounds charming.

    15. Wow! Great Photos! Enjoyed the post as well :)

    16. This looks like a fun place to visit! I love that tree that looks like a person. joan


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