Fabric Shopping in High Point

Friday, February 26, 2010

When it comes to fabric shopping in High Point, there is something for everybody.  A while back I promised to share some of my favorite fabric stores with you.  I recently made a trip to High Point and wanted to share  two of them.  Many of my followers are in North Carolina, and a lot of you travel here for the High Point Furniture Market, so I thought you might like the inside scoop.  If this isn't your thing, please come back again.

1502 Fabrics
2108 Dunmore Ct.
High Point, NC

1502 carries a wide variety of gorgeous fabrics ranging in price from $10-50/yard.  They carry upholstery fabrics as well as fabric for window treatments.  1502 also has an extensive selection of rods, rings, tassels, etc.


The room in the back is where you find off price fabrics starting at $6/yard.

That is where I found this wonderful little guy.

Leisure Fabrics
2600 Bedford St.
High Point, NC
My other favorite fabric store is Leisure Fabrics.  Let me first say that there is n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all glamorous about this store.  You must dig for gold.  The two gentlemen who work there will help you, but you must be willing to throw some elbows to get what you want.  The reward is that all fabrics are $3-4/yard.  Also, you don't see the latest greatest here, but there certainly are treasures to be found.

As you can see, all the fabrics are standing on end and sometimes what you want is in the back of the row.  "Will work for fabric" must become your mantra.  They also carry fringe at $3-4/yard as well as a few tassels.  Another note of importance, they close every day at 12:00 and re-open at 2:00.  Be sure to check the schedule before you go.

If you explore any of these, let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear from you.
Happy shopping!


  1. Your in my neck of the woods. Hope you found some great fabrics! This is the place to find fabric and furniture...if you can't find it here, it doesn't exist! he he! Happy weekend!

    MomTog Diaries

  2. WOW they both sound like amazing places! Itching to go, but I'm in NY.

    Trying to make it to market this year so I'll be able to check them in April!

  3. That store looks fantastic. We only have Home Fabrics here. The clearance section is usually pretty good. Nice fabric for super cheap.

  4. I will be there too, in the Encore showroom.

  5. gorgeous fabrics. thank you for sharing.

  6. I make it a habit to visit Leisure Fabrics quite often. I love it and have found many treasures there! I once bought enough fabric to make 5 upholstered cornices, 4 roman shades and floor length panels for less than $60!

  7. Suzy, I believe it! It is always worth it to stop in there.

    By the way, I should have told everyone to leave their big Chanel bags out in the car, because space is limited, lol.

  8. oo that yellow and white fabric is very pretty.

  9. Oh wow, I was aware of the NC furniture market, but never thought about the access to all that amazing upholstery!! I would be in heaven!

    Wonder if I can talk the family into an NC summer vacation.lol

  10. Ok, This store would be like crack for me! What a fabulous place to visit!

    thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by!

  11. I could spend hours looking at fabric. This place is like a dream to me! I wonder if we have something similar here in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. It's cool to see how many people love furniture and crafts just as much as I do. Does the furniture store high point nc have a lot of the different types of fabric? Because it would be great if they did and be able to check it out.

  13. Never been in the first store you mentioned, although I've seen it. Leisure Fabrics is the place to go, and yes, it takes awhile to get around, but who wants to rush when there is so much to look at?? The owners are great and no one can beat their prices. We'll be in there again on Monday....and I know I'll find some perfect fabric for practically nothing. One bit of advice....if you see something you like, buy it. Chances are it won't be there next time you go. That's happened to me more than once, and I grab everything I like or think I like now. :)

  14. Beachy Bags FloridaJuly 28, 2014 at 8:38 AM

    Well, traveled from south Florida to check these places out. Mindboggling!!! Not only were the fabrics beautiful and well priced, the people were welcoming and super helpful. I had everything shipped back to Florida and it arrived in perfect shape. Thanks for the tip, "Beachy Bags Florida"


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