Blue and Green Obsession

Monday, February 22, 2010

     If there is a combination of colors that has caught my eye, it is blue with green.  The earth and sky.  The ocean in the tropics.  Picture a sunny summer day when you look up to see the bluest sky at the top of the greenest treeline.  I love that (I miss that).

    Perhaps this cold winter has kindled this new color obsession of mine, but truthfully, I have always loved blue with green, green with blue.

      Rooftop Terrace traditional landscape
      Amoroso Design contemporary bathroom
      color combos - blue


      1. My two favorite colors. I would *love* to paint my front door that color but it wouldn't really match the trim very well. I am laughing at your husband story. I don't have a that problem when decorating, I'm single. hehe

      2. Two of my favorite colors I'm lucky to have a husband who lets me do whatever I think looks good---otherwise we would have REAL issues!

      3. I heart green any way you want to serve it. Usually I'm a green and red girl, but that blue door is pretty amazing.
        Hubby is a UGA fan, so I don't have decor interference!

      4. Tracy, my husband "lets" me do whatever I want too, but when it comes to our home, we both want to like it. Fare is fare.

        Carolina basketball is a bone of contention with him that we like to have fun with. When he sees light blue, he automatically thinks of UNC. Then I give him a hard time.

        It's all in good fun.

      5. I've had a gallon of turquoise paint since Christmas...just waiting to meet my front door.l All I need is three warm days, making this the longest, drawn out

        I say go or it, but I'm not a very nice


      6. Love the blue's and greens! I think were all craving color and sunshine at this point! When will WInter end?

      7. What a pretty shade of blue that front door is and I love that bathroom too. Have a great weekend.


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