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Friday, January 8, 2010

I was all set to get rid of this spice rack we bought several years ago at IKEA until my visit this week rekindled my love.  Walking through all of the kitchen vignettes there reminded me why I purchased it in the first place.  Amazing after all these years, IKEA still carries the rack and the jars. Before we put up the bead-board back splash, we tried to hang the rack on the tile that was there, but it cracked.  So it just sat there propped up on the counter for years, just waiting for the perfect moment to fall. 


Now the rack is hanging and the jars just needed a little lipstick.  So what better place for cute templates than Martha herself.

I love using what we have and giving things a fresh look.


    1. Wow! That really looks great! I can only dream of having my spices look that pretty. Until then, I'll just admire yours. Have a good weekend! ~Lisa

    2. I love this idea! I wish I could do this but there is not enough space in our kitchen =(

    3. Those look GREAT! I know you are glad you didn't get rid of them now!

    4. That looks really good. Don't you love saving money by using what you have?

    5. Too cute! My spice drawer got a good cleaning over the holidays, but it needs "lipstick" as well. Great idea.

    6. I do love how that looks. It's so fresh and clean.

    7. Rene...that is just adorable...and oh so Martha!
      I would love to have my spices organized and just right there!
      Oh...tell Miss Mattie Gray that Doogan's been on the blog with me...
      He quite simply adores her PEARLS...and has a bit of a crush on her I'm afraid.
      He said that when he goes in to get groomed on Tuesday...he wants to have a photo shoot afterwards and send her a few shots!
      Oh...speaking of him getting groomed...I need to send you a post I know you would love...all about Doogan's grooming!


    8. Wow that looks very cottagey and put together! I love the "Martha" labels. I've been toying with the idea of a beadboard backsplash and now that I've seen how great it looks I'm putting it on my list of wants for 2010! Great post. Miss Bloomers.

    9. So great!!! Those little jars are cute as ever! And I love the labels you have on them. I'm glad you kept them and glad you shared the pictures.

    10. Aloha Rene, so glad I popped in to a really great visit...Mahalo;)

      You know I loved your post..very fresh looking.
      When you do decide to change it, I saw glass spice bottles used in a craft/sew venue for buttons,pearls,pins, bobbles etc...it was so kool!
      and a fun way to display ...just a thought!
      Aloha wishes for a peaceful Sunday

    11. Very pretty! And LOVE the functionality aspect too. My spices are still in (gasp) BAGS. And out of sight. I really like this!

      Thanks for linking up to SNS!

      FJ Donna


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