Wednesday, January 13, 2010

 Pine-cones, in my opinion, are the symbol of winter.

I love bringing the outdoors into our home to use as decorations.  The texture, shape, and color of pine-cones easily fit into any decor and shopping the yard is easy, affordable, and simply pretty.

I wanted to show you different ways that I have used pine-cones around our home. 

I love to use glass domes and cloches to decorate.  They are easy to change out with seasonal items such as nests, seashells, or in this case, pine-cones.  Wouldn't this be pretty using a pewter plate?

Pine-cones are perfect for holding an arrangement in place, in this case, an arrangement of sticks from the garden.

Here I took a metal container, lined it with a sheet of moss, then added guess, pine-cones. 

I hung these cones with burlap ribbon in December to add a touch of Christmas to our sun-room.  They will probably remain here until spring.

Fill an old lantern with pine-cones.

One thing that is really pretty to me is combining rustic and fine elements such as this example of silver and you guessed it, pine-cones.

Pine-cones really don't require any container at all and can simply sit there.

What do you do with pine-cones?  Talk to me.


  1. In the past, I've taken a punch bowl and filled it with a mix of pine cones and red ball Christmas ornaments & used it as a dining tale centerpiece. I've also used them across the mantle with magnolia leaves and white candles in votives. :)

  2. Beautiful ideas, thanks for sharing.

  3. What great ideas, I think I like the ones hanging by ribbons the most, so cute! And congrats on your anniversary.

  4. I've piled them high in a bowl on my side bar. I love thier texture, too. Good ideas!

  5. I love pine cones too. I like all of the ways you've decorated with them in your home. Right now, I have a pine cone wreath hanging in my dining room and I have a pine cone and some greenery under a cloche in my kitchen.

  6. I don't have any pinecones. I need some. You are right they speak winter to me too.

  7. Oh Renee...
    My fave for sure...the pine cones hanging by the burlap ribbon...which by the way...where did you find burlap ribbon!
    And where do you find all of those lovely big pine cones?
    Yes...I too love to bring the outdoor in!
    I also like to pick up things outdoors and send them to my mom!
    I sent her some unique pinecones from here in the Norhtwest and she hung then in her kitchen window!
    Pop over...I am hosting a PINK WEEK Giveaway!
    Doogan send his love to the four legged gal in pearls!

    1. Hello, I was reading about all the different ways of using pine cones and came across your message (blog) I was just curious as to what is PINK WEEK Giveaway?? Thanks:)

  8. Oh so pretty! I bought some pine cones in the after Christmas sales, but I've yet to put them out. I love the hanging pine cones! Lisa

  9. I found the burlap ribbon at Joanne's. It was actually twice as wide so I cut it for this use.

  10. I love pine cones... I wish I had some I could pick up around my house... but alas we have not a tree in our yard. (Apparently the previous owners killed them all)

  11. I love your pine code ideas. I have them all over my property and enjoy using them as well.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my coffee bean placemats. She actually got them at a neat coffee shop on the square in Lynchburg, TN.


  12. Love the way you used them. I'm so mad when i lived in the piney woods i wasn't collecting pine cones all the time to use them for all my decorating... I actually PURCHASED some the other day. not cool.

  13. I love pine cones! I have a vintage little wooden wagon. Right now it is filled with pine cones!

  14. Plenty of pine cones here! I have some in white bowl as a simple centerpiece for our dining room table.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I love pinecones too. I have made garlands with large pinecones that I hang in the windows at Christmas but after seeing this I think it should stay up through the winter!

  16. I have some pine cones in a large basket by the fireplace. I've never thought about using them around the house. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I included your post on my Fri Favorites list!

  17. I'm late, very late, putting away Christmas. We wait until the 10th after my husband's birthday, and then one thing leads to another. Anyway, the pine cones were about one blog read away from going into storage. I'm so glad THAT read was yours. They stay out, in the vintage copper bowl.

  18. Wish I had access to more pinecones!! I luuuuuuuvvvvv sticks!!!! Love your stick arrangement!

  19. I love pinecones also. I was just wondering if they should only be used at Christmas. I guess we whould just go with what we love and not with what is the norm. I think I will have to leave some pinecones out after next Christmas!!!

  20. Love your pine cone idea. It can be a challenging time of year to decorate.

    - The Tablescaper


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