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Monday, January 25, 2010

Caution: this may or may not change your life.

When I am out and about sniffing around in thrift stores or in fabric stores, I will always carry my little file with me starting now.

What does the file contain you ask? 
It contains the things that I have learned to take with me on my outings.

  For example, our living room/dining room is undergoing  some changes.  It is quite possible that I will need to refer to these colors when picking out say, the new fabric for the ottoman.

By the way, if you live in NC, I know where you can get fabrics and fringe for $3-4/yard.  Also, designers coming to the furniture market, stay tuned because I am going to put together some fun things to do in the area. 

OK so I got a little sidetracked. 

Our shutters are falling apart and often the RESTORE (love the RESTORE) has wooden shutters.  Well, I need to know what size correct?  Or what about the exterior color of the house, or the finish on the deck?  Or the size of the windows.  So many details.

Having information at my finger tips is efficient and prepares me to make a decision right then and there, saving me from running back and forth or worse, missing out on a pair of shutters at a steal. 

What I do is take a note card, write the name of the room, and paper clip the paint color for the room.  Then slip it into the file along with  any fabrics and trims that I might need.


Then, when I am out and about and see a pair of wooden shutters for $10/pair or the fabric of my life, I can refer to my "homegirl" file and make an educated decision.

Actually, I just made this book today.  Frustrated from being unprepared to make yet another decision because I didn't have my props with me, I picked this little folder up at Walmart and decided to organize our home evolution.

It all fits neatly in this file which is small enough to fit inside my purse which means that I always have it with me.

How do you keep it together?  The house stuff I mean?  Do you have a book, a folder, or do you just wing it?  Please share, because there is most likely a better way.


  1. This is such a great idea! Such a time saver! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Wonderful idea. I love being organized and that certainly would make organization a lot easier.

    If you are interested, I am hosting a pay it forward give away. Take a look.

  3. Ok, I'm totally with you here! I gave up clipping coupons, but have that same file! I could re-purpose right? I'm a crafter, and that's what us crafters/designers do! :) Nice idea, and I think I'll keep my homegirl file in the car now. I was told today by the starbucks lady that my purse was too big. yikes.

  4. Love this idea! I've been keeping measurements in the trusty iphone, but that's the extent of it. I definitely need to do this!! Thanks!

    I have an extensive filing system for home, consisting of 3 binders: 1 is seasonal decorating, 1 is inspiration photos (tear sheets from mags) organized by room and 1 is craft projects, DIY projects & general decorating articles that I refer back to. I still take subscriptions to every mag. I've also got an "electronic" filing system on my computer, but I have to say, I refer back to my "old school" tear sheets more!

  5. Note: if you have been told that your purse is too big, then you can upgrade to the large homegirl file and put of Kendall's tear sheets inside...ha ha. Thanks for the comments!

  6. Hey thats so cool! Nice way of avoiding mistakes of buying wrong things every time you go out!

  7. Okay a girl after my own heart - an organizational junkee. :)
    Can't wait for the update on the trim in NC..
    anyway - I carry a notebook around that has all my room measurements in it for stuff. I also got to of the circle binder clips that open and you slide papers on them. Well one holds all my paint chips and the other one holds swatches of fabric stapled to an index card and then hole punched and on the ring. Does that make sense?
    Yes I take it everywhere because just as you said- it gets frustrating when you find perfection but dont' know if it will fit. I also ALWAYS carry a tape measure.

  8. welcome to my world...this is how designers live, now you know why our bags are so huge!!!

    all best, and thanks for visiting!

  9. I need this. I'm on the lookout for a dresser that has to fit in a tight space. Measurements at my fingertips would be helpful, wouldn't they? :) Great idea!

  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who does
    Cashiers usually make fun of me because I'm organized.
    Mines just a spiral notebook and I pin cloth or paint samples to the page. I think if I use a file like yours, the cashiers won't be able to see my 'business'.lol
    Nice job,

  11. Great idea! I always carry around important measurements, but not fabric. I gotta start doing that!


  12. The file is a great idea. I carry fabric swatches and paint chips around in my purse pocket and I always get made fun of for it. You just never know...

  13. Hi Rene,
    The pintuck and ruffle fabric you asked was purchased that way. It did cross my mind I could make it myself, but it was only 7.00 a yard at Handcocks well worth 4 days of my time and

    The ruffles on the fabric are small and have a raw edge. I think if I were to make them and the ruffles larger, a hem foot would be in order. Hope this helps.

    Did you happen to see the ruffled shower curtain on Absolutely Beautiful Things blog this week? To die for!

    I thought I was following your blog, but don't see my birdie in the window. Off to fix that!

    Have a great,

  14. You are so smart, that's a great idea ! So, where do you get the deal on fabrics and trim in NC ?


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