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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love collections. 
Don't really have one, but I like them.  To see a grouping of similar items just looks good.  That's why when I go to a store, and see 25 boxes stacked together in like colors and I buy one, then come home and put it down on a table, the effect is lost.  Things look better when they are with items that are similar.

 Collections don't necessarily have to be intentional.  Maybe you just happen to have a lot of glass vases or cake stands.  Maybe they aren't all pretty by themselves, but I'll bet if you put them together, you might like what happens. 
Like this example here on top of the cabinet.

Image:  Martha Stewart

Or here.

Image:  Tricia Foley

What about baskets?
We all have lots of those around the house.  Baskets grouped together make a nice statement and provide useful storage.

Image: My Home Ideas

I love white dishes.  Let me rephrase that.  I love white dishes in mass.  This display is gorgeous.

Image: Country Living

A bazillion framed photos look so much better this way.

Image: My Home Ideas

Something I have always loved because of the guaranteed pop of color is globes.  When grouped together they add so much punch to a room, especially a playroom.

Image: My Home Ideas

Do you have a collection of plates or tiles?  I like that they aren't all the same, but that they share similar characteristics and work beautifully together in the arrangement.

Image: Martha Stewart

One of my favorite things is galvanized metal.  We have an old galvanized lunchbox that we use as a first aid kit and a couple of old pails and containers.  I love the way these are used to contain boxwood and then peaking out from under the table is more of the same.  Lovely.

I love the way Phoebe Howard uses groupings of prints, especially botanical prints to make a statement.

Come to think of it, maybe I do have a collection or two.  I'll bet you do too if you look around.  

What do you collect, better yet, how do you display it?  Does it make a statement?


  1. Now I want a collection..The galvinized buckets...swoon!

  2. I want a collection of cake plates and globes!

  3. You are so right. Groups of things do look so much better. I just starting to figure that out!! :)

  4. Collections are sooooo much FUN!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!


  5. Displaying collections is always a chore for me. It never seems to look the way I want it to. But that doesn't stop me from collecting.

    Right now I have a collection of enamelware pitchers, lots of white pottery, and my current obession: vintage metal toy phones (there so cute!). I love them for their colors, scratches, dents and chipped paint.

    I would however now like to start a collection of galvinized buckets after seeing the photo you included. Love. It.

  6. You all are the best! You inspire me!

  7. I have a collection of antique butter pats. (Those tiny little china plates.) I have them in a miniature Amish china cabinet. Sorta a decorating double-enterndre there.

  8. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. What a great collection of cake stands! Neat!

  9. Love the galvanized metal items. They are great. Thanks for sharing these collection ideas for us.

  10. What don't I collect! Actually, I think it is an art to arrange a collection so that it displays tastefully and enhances its qualities. Basically, my blog is all about collecting, mostly vintage hammered aluminum, but the most recent post features a cookbook collection. I agree with you...a collection done right can add a great focal point to a room.

  11. Great pictures and ideas- I've started to collect white dishes and it's been fun.
    Thanks for your ideas

  12. You are so right, things look so good in collections! i've made the mistake too buying just 1 and bringing it home and it looks so lonely!
    great post... and happy collecting,

  13. Man, I really need to start collecting things! Very nice!!


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