Eddie Ross Flannel Ornaments

Monday, December 14, 2009

on't you just love all of the tours going on in blog land and all of the inspiration everywhere you look?

Just when I thought that I had made my last thing for the season.....

Eddie Ross's plaid shirt ornaments were so adorable that I simply had to make them.  You don't have to remind me about resisting taking on more unnecessary projects.  I've been having that conversation with myself all day.  The thing is, these ornaments are so cute and timeless that they could be used well after the holidays and that is where my creative attention is beginning to focus now. 

Today was 50% off day at a local thrift store.  Shirts were $1...even Banana Republic shirts (that would be the little check with the green, blue, and white).  Next I picked up a few balls at A.C. Moore.  Then followed the tutorial provided by Eddie Ross himself.



The ornaments looked yummy on the garland that Eddie made for Kathie Lee.

I could even picture them on a wreath.

Ornamental balls like these , can be used any time of the year....that is the best part.

Colors in a plaid shirt can inspire an entire room.


  1. These are wonderful!
    I saw this on the Hgtv special last weekend and loved them!
    I think yours are nicer!

  2. I love Eddie's style (who doesn't?). I saw these and really want to make them myself too. They're so easy and so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing in the DIY holiday party.


  3. Love these. I used to make rag balls for my craft store years ago that looked similar to this. They look great sitting in a rustic basket!

  4. No way! These are AMAZING! I just might have to try them - and I am not crafty at all :)

  5. So cute! Eddie is the sweetest guy ever. You should send him an e-mail of this. He'll get a kick out of it.

  6. They are really cute, look great in the wooden bowl. I love the unexpected.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I love this. (Trying not to be a downer...) my uncle passed away a few years back, and he was known for his plaid shirts. We've had them sitting in boxes since he passed, but I think this would be a great (and beautiful) way to use those shirts and remember him! Thanks for this!!!


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