Co-Editor Gets a Second Bed

Monday, December 21, 2009

By now most everyone has met the co-editor.

She actually has a name and it is Mattie Gray.

Mattie Gray is a wonderful companion to everyone in our family.  Her unconditional love amazes me daily.  She greets us with a wagging hind end (short tail breed) and whines with delight no matter if we have been gone for two minutes or six hours.  She only asks for a few of things in return.  Food, a daily jog, warmth, and a cushy bed.
Lately though, she is asking for a bit more.  You see her bed is in our cozy room, but sometimes we sit in the living room where the Christmas tree is.  There is no bed there and it is cold.

Mattie Gray wants a second bed, the way I wouldn't mind having a second home.  You know a cabin at the beach or the mountains, or a cushy second bed in the living room.

When I read the January Martha Stewart issue the other day, I decided to make the co-editor a second bed for Christmas.

To make a bed you need:
  • two towels
  • batting
  • embroidery thread
You simply stitch two towels together leaving a side open to put the batting in.  Then stitch closed.
Next using the embroidery thread stitch down through the layers then back up leaving about 2 inches of thread at each end.  Tie the two ends together so that it looks like this.

These stitches should be placed about 6-8 inches apart.  Easy.

She is going to love it...just hope she doesn't snoop around.  She is a pretty nosy girl.


  1. Very cute AND cushy and useful!

  2. What a happy girl you are going to have!! I think my big puppy would love a new bed as well. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. we have a weim too...our girl is Lucy...and she sound just like Mattie! our girl prefers a blanket...we tried a bed and she thought it was a toy! nothing like cleaning up stuffing:) have a great Christmas and it looks like Mattie will too!

  4. Oh, so cute! Your dog is darling! I love those puppy eyes. I hope she enjoys her bed!

  5. Rene, sweet post!

    Mattie Gray, no....don't know a THING about that IS a bed, sure...but it could be for another beautiful dog.......or not...well, merry Christmas! (remember, act surprised!)

  6. Your DIY is DE liciously lovely!

    Have a merry and bright Christmas.

  7. Your precious pup has melted my heart! I love dogs! I say she deserves to have her Christmas present early. She needs to be able to enjoy those nights by the tree! What a sweetie!!

  8. My co-editor Blitzkrieg has a bed/pillow in several rooms in the house. Especially in the computer room so he can correct my spelling mistakes before I click the blog Publish button.

  9. Looks cozy! I should make one for my pup!

  10. So cute! It made me laugh!!

    I just know she will LOVE it!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lou Cinda

  11. Lovely blog! The pooch is so cute. :)

  12. I saw that too and thought was a clever dog bed.

  13. She is so sweet! Great idea for the bed. I made one with a bed pillow and some denim but our puppy (a chocolate Lab) chewed the side out of it. I will be making one for when she stops chewing so much. Thanks for the inspiration.


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