Baby It's Cold Outside

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, it happened.  

We got the six inches of snow we were promised.

Not just a ploy to sell more bread and milk as I sometimes suspect here in the land of it may or may not snow... for years.


Here in Greensboro, when it does snow, we go hog wild.  Sledding and snowball fights are the norm... sometimes in bare feet.

Businesses close for the day.  Roads are sometimes impassable.  We're OK with it because as I said, it doesn't happen often.

We simply carry on at a slower pace,

enjoying the pretty sights.


Trying to permanently imprint the beauty in our memories, because we never know when it will happen again.


  1. How pretty! Thanks for sharing such nice pictures!

  2. "Trying to permanently imprint the beauty in our memories". This certainly sums it up doens't it, just like the well known "a thing of beauty is a joy forever". Awsome pictures. Thanks

  3. Oh Renee...
    Just gorgeous!
    I know that was oh so magical to wake up to!
    Do have fun!
    Do you know how to make SNOW ICECREAM!
    Oh so yummmmmmmy!
    I am cracking up at your hubby (I guess that's your hubby) in his barefeet in the snow!
    That is soooo me!
    But I would be in my favorite black flipflops!

  4. Teresa, those legs and toes belong to a friend of my oldest son. He does look manly though. Sleepover + snowy night = big fun! Black flip flops huh? Brave girl.

  5. just curious . . . does your co-editor have issues w/doing business outside in the snow? we could hardly get my mom's boston terrier out.:)

  6. Colleen you are too funny. Co-editor has lots of "issues" surprisingly none of them involve the snow. She has made every step that our boys have made today, eating snowballs, and high tailing it around the yard. Refuses to go out in the rain though.

  7. What a fun day! We're under about 14 inches at the moment and the snow is still falling. I love a day snuggled inside like this as well. Enjoy!

  8. Nice pictures. I've got my fingers crossed for a white Christmas in Arkansas this year. Merry Christmas.

  9. very pretty cant wait til we get a bit of snow as well

  10. So cool you and your family are having fun in the snow. I love your photos! We had 20 inches. Merry Christmas!


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