Simply Sweet Boxwood Wreath

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

 Boxwood is one of the most versatile shrubs when it comes to decorating.  It maintains its color long after being cut and rarely sheds a leaf.  I love to use it to make wreaths for our front door that are much fuller than this, but this simple one has found its home here on the pantry door.

It was easy to make and took less than 30 minutes. Free and easy, gotta love it.

Bend a clothes hanger into a circle.  Cut the hook off with cutters.  Tape ends together to connect the circle.  Take about 15 cuttings of boxwood like the size above.  You might need more, but this is a start.  I will say that all of the cuttings on this wreath fit in one hand if that helps.

Next begin wrapping the cuttings snugly with a wire paddle.

Continue doing this overlapping slightly as you go.

Once you are finished, step back and look for strays that might be sticking out and trim them.


  1. Wow what a simple and beautiful wreath, great job!

  2. So simple and yet stunningly effective - thanks for sharing.


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