Magnolia Wreath Tutorial

Sunday, November 15, 2009

By René @ Cottage and Vine 

Getting together with my mother and making things is one of my favorite things to do.  She is the one who taught me everything I know about wreath making, gardening, and basically all things home.  Every time we get together I walk away with some new tidbit from our time together.

This time we made a magnolia wreath.  There are many ways you can do it, but today we used magnolia branches.  First we went in search of "just the right" branches.   It is important to look for leaves that are glossy and free of holes.  By the way, if you ever see someone with one foot on a ladder and the other foot reaching for the top of a garbage can, stop that person.  I stopped said person and was told that I was no fun. 

The next step is what looks like wreath butchering.  Branches go into the wreath form more easily if you poke a few holes in it with a knife. This wreath form happens to be covered with green plastic.  I usually use wreath  forms without the plastic.  There is really no difference when it comes to making a magnolia wreath because the form doesn't show through the leaves.

Cut your branches to look like this with a 3-4" stem.

Holding the branch from the top, gently (or forcefully) insert the stem into the wreath.

Continue inserting stems until you make your way around the wreath.  If you have empty spaces try to fill them in as you go.

I usually make a magnolia wreath the weekend after Thanksgiving to hang over the mantle.  It stays green until the New Year.  I apologize for the blurry picture...can't blame it on the coffee this time.

Items used
  • wreath form
  • magnolia branches, around 15 to start depending on the size of the wreath
  • pruners
  • knife for poking holes


  1. You did a beautiful job. I've admired PB magnolia wreaths & yours is just a cute!

  2. Great job! I have the tree out front! I know what I'm doing today. THanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love these all green wreaths. tomorrow I am gonna take a look if my bush can stand the cutting.

  4. Gorgeous. I think that I will make one this weekend. Thanks. Laura@the mansion


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