Gift Tags

Saturday, November 21, 2009

By René @ Cottage and Vine

It's the thought that counts right?  Gift tags are inexpensive as it is, so trying to make them more economical is almost lost here.  Giving the tags a personal touch is more what this is about.

Look for old photos, perhaps from Christmases past, and print them on textured card stock.  For this card I used the sepia feature on Picasa.  Love Picasa.

Simply punch a hole and add a pretty ribbon.  A nice message can be written on the back.  Easy.


  1. cute idea! thanks for sharing!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sure gift tags are inexpensive to begin with, but it's just one more thing to buy or in my case, run out of when you're in the middle of wrapping gifts on the down low at home. So yeah, I look for DIY versions that I don't have to worry about running out of.

  3. Very cool. I have not yet figured out Picasa.(!) How hard could it be, right?

  4. So cute! With the greenery in the background, I'm loving the idea of using them as tree ornaments!

  5. Gail, that is a great idea! I might just do that. Thanks.

  6. Super cute Rene! I'm going to use them as placecards for our family dinner tonight! I'm so psyched - and of course Mia is loving an idea from Mrs. Z who hung the moon! Julie


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