Burlap Stocking

Sunday, November 22, 2009

By René @ Cottage and Vine

Waiting in the grocery store checkout line is actually a pleasure IF there are magazines.  The other day I was waiting to check out, flipping through the latest greatest, and found a cute idea.  I believe it was in Country Living my apologies for not being certain.  Anyway, the stocking was made of burlap (big buzzword these days) and was stitched around the edges with a contrasting yarn.  I did my best, memory struggles and all, to make my own version (with the addition of the initial).

How to:

  1. draw desired stocking pattern with pencil onto burlap
  2. cut stocking out of two layers of fabric with selvage being at the top edge of the stocking
  3. pin grosgrain ribbon initial in place and stitch around
  4. machine stitch two pieces of fabric together, right side out, turning top down about 1 1/2"
  5. hand stitch around edges using contrasting yarn
  6. attach loop at top using grosgrain ribbon
  7. unravel edges and trim it a bit


    1. * That's just about THE cutest NEW idea I've seen, & works sooooo well w/ our ongoing love affair w/ burlap & all things more "natural" these days! Does our co-editor get one too??? Shaped like a BONE, no less??? Smiles...

      Happy SUnday!
      Linda in AZ *

    2. I LOVE this! I keep seeing things made from burlap everywhere and it's just wonderful :)

    3. This is so cute! I'm deciding how I want to make our stockings this year and this is a great idea. :)

    4. so cute! love the stitching.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    5. That is a wonderful and easy idea!! Hope I can try it!

    6. Rene this is sooooo cute! I may just try this myself! You must repost it! I'm sure you'll get more than 5 comments now!

    7. I love this stocking! Wish I had a banister to hang it on :)


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