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January Mood

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I'm in the early planning stages of a tv/den transformation at my house.  There's a room adjacent to the kitchen that currently houses R's office.  You haven't seen it on the blog before (for good reason ;)), but soon that will change.  His office is moving upstairs.  Now that the boys are gone, the upstairs is fertile grounds for several more room makeovers (hello domino effect).  I'm really excited about all the changes, while also a bit overwhelmed.  It's gonna be a ton of work, but totally worth it once everything is complete.  Anyway, back to the tv/den room.  I'm envisioning dark walls - navy or green, light furnishings, pretty textiles, and leather.  This room is the inspiration for my January mood board.

7.  tripod floor lamp /  8.  flatweave rug /  9.  leather ottoman /  10.  sofa

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