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Our New Deck

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Last week I put the finishing touches on our deck and patio area.  I power washed the patio, did some landscaping, and finally got the lights re-hung from when our sons painted the pergola.  I wanted to share pictures with you while everything is still lush and green.

Our old deck was 20 years old and was in serious need of being replaced.  We hired a professional this time and really liked his work.  Even though the design is super simple, we were happy to leave it to a professional this time around.  We used a white semi-transparent stain by Behr on the pergola and table which really brightened everything up.  Our sons applied it with a sprayer and let me tell you, it went everywhere, lol!

The metal chairs could use a fresh coat of paint after being outside for nearly three years, so don't look too closely!  The end chairs were a score at Target a few weeks ago.  They were on clearance and the only two left.  I think you can still find them online?

I'm loving this space now and most nights you'll find me here relaxing and stargazing.

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful, Rene. I love it.

  2. Gorgeous. It looks so fresh and inviting.

  3. Love the new chairs! It looks so inviting....Great job!


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