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Monday, April 2, 2018

How was your weekend?  Mine was wonderful - it started with a surprise visit from our sons.  I was sitting on the patio Thursday night when I heard a familiar, "hey Mom".  Oh my goodness, the best surprise in the world I tell you!  I'm extremely thankful for our time together.  They wanted to earn a little money while they were home.  So we put them to work power washing, painting, etc.  It's amazing what all they were able to accomplish in a weekend.

Today, I'm sharing a few images from Megan McFarland's portfolio.  Enjoy!


  1. oHHHH... I love this! How old are your "boys." My son was away outside Minneapolis for Easter and I was ready to fly out to see him! Happy Spring! laura

    1. They are 19 and 22. I can so relate :). Happy spring to you Laura.

  2. I love all the soft colors - so pretty! And what a nice surprise from your sons. I hope when my boys get older they do the same thing. I know already that I will have a hard time adjusting to them getting older! Enjoy your week!

    1. I agree Shelley, love the colors!

      Thankfully their getting older happens gradually, otherwise it would've killed me. Now, they are even more fun and sweeter than ever.


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