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Tan Kitchen Cabinets

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

White kitchens will always be my favorite.  There's just something about a white kitchen that makes it feel clean and fresh - the perfect setting for cooking up something delicious, in my honest opinion.  Lately though, my eyes are drawn to tan (or do we call them taupe or putty?) cabinets.  The kitchens I've seen with tan cabinets are still just as light and bright, but they seem to have a little more soul and warmth.  They are perfect when paired with white walls and marble/quartz counter tops.  What about you, are you a fan too?

Christine Elliot Designs via Decorpad

Burnham Design via Decorpad


  1. I really like this post! When my husband and I remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago, we installed a light tan cabinet which is very close to the color in your first photo. The color is called "linen", and I love the color. I've been very happy with the decision. My house didn't really call for true white cabinets, and I love the warmth of the tan cabinets you show in the post.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Your kitchen sounds lovely!

  2. Awesome post and I love how more people are into the warmer off white cabinet colors. I love them. I actually wrote a very similar post on my blog
    Best, Paola
    Creative Director / Principal Designer
    Synonymous | Interior Design Firm NYC
    Instagram: @synonymous__

    1. Thank you! The warmer cabinets really are the perfect finishing touch in certain kitchens. :)

  3. Would love to know if this color in cupboards is a paint color I could get? Thanks

    1. Hi Tracy. I don't know the exact color of those cabinets, but here is a post with similar colors that may point you in the right direction. Hope this helps!


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