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Our Summer Living Room

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I recently changed the slip cover on our sofa, a sure sign of summer, which motivated me to snap a few pictures of our summer living room.  I'm not sure if I've shared pictures of this space since painting the walls white a while back, but I'm so happy with how light and bright is it now. And of course white slip covers always brighten the room.

Also new to the space is the round mirror over the mantle.  I new that I wanted something round and finally decided on this one.

I tucked a little air plant down inside the bowl of wine corks and now I wish I had one in each room. Such fascinating little things!  The little crock behind the sofa is from Studio McGee.  It's perfect for holding fresh flowers from the garden.

The pottery on the mantle and on the coffee table is some that Dad made and that had been tucked away in another room.  I thought the warm colors helped to add weight and balance out the lighter colors.

 (I'm just now realizing the Star Wars figure on top of our TV, lol)



  1. The Star Wars figure - keepin' it real!

    Loving that rug so much...

    1. Thank you Cindy! You never know what you'll find at my house, lol!

  2. Love the grey chairs, can you tell me where you purchased them or the manufacturer. Thanks

    1. Lorraine, you can find the link to the chairs at the bottom of this post where it says "shop the details" or click on the "shop my house" tab at the top of the blog. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for the info Rene. The color is listed as green-grey? What's your opinion? Have a happy father's day celebration with your men


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