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A Few Pics of the Front Yard & Green and White Window Boxes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We've enjoyed watching our front yard since the big makeover a couple of years ago.  This year it looks like everything has almost doubled in size and the hydrangeas are full of blooms just waiting to pop.

(my supervisor is watching)

The other day I shared our window box strategy on an instagram story.  You know I love green and white gardens so I stuck with that for the window boxes as well.

This year I used new guinea impatiens, white impatiens, helichrysum, and diamond frost euphorbia. In other words a thriller (new guinea), a spiller (helichrysum), and a filler (euphorbia & impatiens) - the recipe for a successful window box.  Tip:  use good potting soil and be generous with osmocote.

In addition to green and white and a variety of heights, I try to make sure there's a good mix of textures.  The new guineas have rich green leathery leaves and the diamond frost is more stick-like (for now) with small leaves and flowers.

The helichrysum is soft and silvery similar to lamb's ear.  It will spill over the front and spread from side to side.

 (mu supervisor is getting bored)

We bought our window boxes years ago when Smith and Hawken was a store and not part of Target.  They have held up really well and I love how the copper has aged over the years.  You can find similar ones here.  I'll post more pictures once everything fills in in a couple of weeks.

I switched out the arborvitae that were in the urns for palms.  I'm going for that island vibe even though we are situated in the center of Greensboro, NC, lol.

Let your eyes slide on past the fact that our steps need to be painted.  We have picked out a new light for the porch.  It's copper and gorgeous and I cannot wait to see it in place!  We also are in the market for new house numbers to replace these vintage Restoration Hardware ones.  No really, we bought them almost 20 years ago!

Here's the other window box.  Looks puny now, but just you wait.  

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  1. Beautiful, Rene! It looks like a picture out of a magazine.

  2. Wow, your yard is so lush yet beautifully tailored, Rene. I just realized I have landscape envy. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thank you! We've had a lot of rain this spring which helps. :)

  3. Rene, your yard looks so pretty and I love your window boxes. I want to add one to our garage windows, they are so fun to plant. I cant wait to see your new lantern.

    1. Thank you! Yes, window boxes are fun to plant and they add a little charm too. :)

  4. I, too, love green and white and it works so well with your house (which I am also smitten with!) I would like to copy the vine you have over the entryway. Would you please tell me what it is and how you have supported it. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Connie! When we planted the vine we used u-shaped poultry nails (hammered into the brick mortar) to support is until it reached the top. We have iron hooks at the top that the vine rests on. It makes it easy to take the whole vine down & tidy up because leaves and debris accumulate there. Hope this helps.


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