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Friday, February 3, 2017

Today is our son's 21st birthday.  As much as we'd love to celebrate with him, swimmers are on a short leash leading into conference week.  So we will save our celebration for another time.  A special delivery from Insomnia Cookies is heading his way though.  Have you tried them?  Have a great weekend everybody!

I've loved everything Nancy has done so far including this.

Here's another white shirt to add to my wish list.

I'll be making these sliders for a Super Bowl party.

What a pretty playroom makeover!  Video here, sources here

You'll want to see this beautiful and eclectic home tour.


  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Have a great weekend, Rene!

  2. Fun post thank you for sharing about the cookie delivery, that will be great for my kiddos for Valentines day!!

    1. They have locations all over, mostly around college campuses for late night cravings. Enjoy your weekend Kathysue!

  3. Happy birthday to your 21 year old!! Thank you for a fun list - look forward to checking these all out over the weekend.


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