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Friday, March 4, 2016

This week kicked my fanny in the biggest way.  Can anybody relate?  One nice little bit of news though, our son is home from college for a couple of nights before he heads to Palm Springs for spring break.  It's always nice to have my family together for a while.  Always.

Have the best weekend!  XO


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Chastain Charm


  1. I like the etiquette tips! Hope your weekend gets better. Looking forward to the coming season of spring!

  2. Aww that was a sweet surprise! Thank you Rene for sharing my bookcase project amidst all these other beauties! Enjoy your son at home - lucky kid - spring break in Palm Springs sounds pretty wonderful right now!

  3. Love that house in Atlanta Homes! And of course, you can NEVER go wrong with a white kitchen:)


  4. Tea etiquette is too cute. I'm from New Zealand and we can be quite British (I'm literally drinking tea with a gingernut right now) but I didn't know about putting your spoon the same way as the handle! I love it.

    Elese |


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