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Monday Inspiration | Small House Tricks

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whenever I see a small space/house that is big on style, I'm instantly hooked.  Especially if I don't even realize the size, but instead zero in on all that is great about it.  Take this small house, only 534 square feet (534 square feet ya'll), I think you'll agree that there's plenty of style and a few small space tips that make each room work - in a big way.

Exposed legs, layered rugs, and see through furniture keep this room open and light.  (I would also add simple yet impactful color palette.) 

A functional piece of furniture that acts as a focal piece.

Mirrors!  And yes, it's okay to have more than one on a room.  Guilty.

Streamlined appliances aren't short on style in this small, chic kitchen.

An industrial island serves dual purposes as a work station as well as a dining table.

Okay, I'm completely in love with this bedroom, specifically the built-ins which replace the need for bulky bedroom furniture.

Want to find out more about the person behind the design?  Follow @douglascdavis on instagram.


  1. I love this home. I've lived in a small (1100 sq foot) home for many years - before it was chic! I always want to know the size of the rooms I see in magazines and blogs. I wish it was shared more often. I think BHG used to publish floor plans w/dimensions. Perhaps for security reasons home owners prefer not to, which makes sense too. Love your blog...

  2. Linda, BH&G originally did publish the floor plan in the print version but it is missing from the online version. Email me and I will be happy to share it with you,

  3. Love this small space....and Doug is SO good! His style is classic but edgy....


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