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My Favorite Pillows (Currently)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hi.  My name is René and I have a pillow addiction.  I'm here to encourage bad habits which include hoarding, compulsive spending, and complete home improvements based on new pillows.  Not really, but sometimes a simple pillow change can send me and the rest of the house into a tail spin.  Can anybody else relate?  My current obsession is blue pillows.  Especially blues paired with pinks, corals, and reds.  Let's not forget the pretty florals.  I like those too.  Below are a few of my current favorites, but you know there's more where that came from.

4.  Galbraith & Paul  |  5.  Betwixt  |  6.  Pink & indigo ikat


  1. Pretty Rene! Of course, I'm partial to the blue ones and love that you featured Virginia Kraft! Love her textiles. And, I like a touch of pink or red too. Beautiful round-up!

    1. Her textiles are gorgeous! And yes to pink!

  2. I'm crazy for blue pillows - loved each one of these! <3

  3. Hi René, I'm Beth, and I too am a pillow fanatic. Case in point, I bought pillows from your blog sale. Thanks for sharing!


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