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A Lighting Update

Monday, September 8, 2014

I've been meaning to share this project with you for a while now.  The idea came from the incredibly talented Kristen Jackson.

Our upstairs has low ceilings - as in one of our son's taller friends bumped his head in the door ways. The space either called for flush mount light fixtures or recessed lights.  Most flush mounts are either a) unattractive boob lights b) attractive & expensive.  Of course recessed lights were always an options, but I wanted something with more personality because this space is visible from the entry way.

The three frames were hung over the weekend and will eventually hold pictures from our trip to Italy. Does any one else have empty pictures on their walls?  You can read about the DIY runner here. The framed map was given to us by Mr.'s late grandparents - a nice reminder of our summers on Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Like Kristen, I went with a light from Home Depot and added a little Rub & Buff.

As you can see, it cost less than this option and it only took a few minutes to give it a makeover.

Thankfully no one has bumped their head (so far).  That attic access is really just a figment of your imagination :).  #oldhouseproblems

While I was "rubbing and buffing", I also gave the light in our entry way a touch of gold.  The two lights work nicely together now - one being more traditional and the other a bit modern, both tied together in color.


  1. I've never heard of Rub&Buff! This is so cool!

  2. I love that light fixture DIY and did the same thing to our house in CT. It looks good in your space and I love how bright your upstairs hallway is - so nice! You must have windows up there somewhere! Oh, and I love your runner too!! I can't wait to rip out our carpeted stair runner!

  3. They look so pretty Rene! And I like your price on the upstairs light vs. the lookalike version!

  4. Such a great alternative to the $$$ one! Might have to use that idea myself!

  5. Your entry/stairwell/landing looks a lot like how mine is laid out. As soon as I walk in the front door, I see the ugly boob light I've been hankering to replace (for too many years to mention!). I love this option! So, so, pretty and a great finishing touch to your beautifully designed space.

  6. That looks great in your hallway, Rene! Love the R & B touch!

  7. I was actually going to do this EXACT thing in my laundry room (8' ceilings) with the same Home Depot fixture...and replace the boring florescent fixture. The Home Depot reviews are less than desirable. How is the fixture holding up for you? Does it provide nice/enough lighting with the 60 watt bulbs?

    1. Love the overall appearance of the light and the light it provides in our hallway (which is a very small space). A larger space may require more light.

    2. My laundry room looks to be the size of your's really a pass-thruhallway from the garage to the kitchen (but I call it a "laundry room" because it makes it sound like I live in a house with many I bet it'll be perfect. Thanks. :)

  8. Our house has 7 1/2 foot ceilings through much of it too so flushmounts are the only thing that work - love your inexpensive solution so much!

  9. I love that you used Rub n buff to get the look that you want for your flush mount (and that you made yours look super expensive). Your house is so beautiful! I love to look at your great ideas and inspirations.


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