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Tom Scheerer Decorates

Thursday, August 29, 2013

When The Vendome Press invited me to review Tom Scheerer Decorates, my immediate reply was YES!.  When the book arrived I didn't dare open it until I knew there would be time to fully soak it all in.  Well that time finally came last weekend.  I carved out an afternoon at the pool and devoured this book!

Tom Scheerer possesses a talent for creating homes that he refers to as under decorated.  I call them chic livable.  He combines "classic, old-fashioned decorating with modernist touches".  He is a master of the high low touch that we all know and love.  Once you see the images, I think you will see the understated elegance that is a common thread in each of his projects.



  1. ooooh those interiors are inspiring. Thanks for the book recommendation!

  2. I would love to escape into this book for awhile. It looks beautiful...full of inspiration. May have to put this on my Christmas list.


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