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Shopping in Charlottesville

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I wanted to share a thousand few more pictures of our time in Charlottesville, VA.  As I mentioned before, I could totally live there.  The area the locals refer to as the downtown mall was my absolute favorite.  If you follow me on instagram (cottageandvine), you may have already seen a couple of these pictures.

The large trees create a wonderful canopy making outdoor dining an nice option most seasons.

People are out and about from the wee morning hours and well into the night and we were no exception.  (I'm totally stealing this idea, use chilled re-purposed wine bottles to serve water).

Above many of the storefronts are homes with beautiful balconies overlooking the mall.

In between burgers, ice cream, and sushi, we ventured into many of the stores.  I picked up a spool of twine at Rock Paper Scissors which by the way is a paper junky's dream!

My favorite of all the stores was Roxie Daisy.  I seriously could have spent the day in there.  Actually, you might think I did when you see the next series of pictures...

Last and certainly not least, we stopped into Caspari (above image and next three), the go-to store for everything entertaining.

My blogging friend Caroline reminded me that And George is in Charlottesville.  That gives me something to look forward to next trip ;).


  1. What a charming town! Looks like the shopping can't be beat. So what did you come home with?

    1. You would love it Ashley! I found a few things and a fun little birthday gift for Mom.

  2. Wow--what eye candy! I would have come home from this trip much lighter in the wallet for sure. Thanks for sharing--Charlottesville is on my radar now.


  3. Charlottesville is on my list to visit! It looks so charming and quaint. Roxie Daisy looks like a wonderful shop! So glad you had a great trip Rene and what a handsome hubby you have.

  4. Gosh I love those bedspreads! Simple in design but very elegant!

  5. I have always wanted to go to Charlottesville. What a lovely escape for you and your husband.

  6. Since I now live in SC, I have Charlottesville on my list for shopping. I was there when I was a teenager but not since then. Thanks for sharing the lovely eye candy. Looks like a nice getaway.

  7. My son just moved there and I can't wait to explore some more. Bethany has been numerous times and And George is her all time favorite! I can't wait to go there, too.
    Love your new profile picture--so cute!
    xo Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy! Lucky you to have someone to visit in Charlottesville!

  8. Looks like an adorable town! I have heard it's awesome. Would love to visit someday.


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