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A Pretty Spring/Summer Tablescape

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was recently offered my choice of two china patterns.  I need more china like a hole in the head, but who could pass up an offer like this?  Try explaining that one to my husband.

After spending hours weeks searching, I finally decided on a simple classic pattern in white with platinum banding called Fontaine.

And just to keep this fun a playful, I paired it with a floral pattern called Garden Palette Floral.

I love layering dishes and mixing patterns and am thrilled with the many options I have with these two beauties!

Both sets of china are by Mikasa.  You can follow them on facebook to stay connected.  And if you are like me and enjoy seeing pretty tablescapes and party inspiration, you might be interested in their pinterest page.


  1. God...I used to love to set a pretty table.....but I have gotten lazy. When I got married....I got cream lenox with a gold went out of style and now it is back again :)

  2. So pretty. I will live vicariously through you. I just bought new plastic plates from ikea for summer :)

  3. Pretty tablescape, Rene. I am saving my pennies for my favorite china pattern - juliaska country estate!

  4. How fun! I would have loved to have seen my hubby's reaction to more china. Such a great blue patterned fabric and love the floral plates.

  5. I love that floral pattern! It all looks so great on that tablecloth too!

  6. Oh YUMMMMM! That looks so fresh and pretty. LOVE it...


  7. Very pretty Rene. White is always a good choice!

  8. Perfectly summery. So, when's the dinner party? :)

  9. Very pretty. I love the floral. So fun for summer dinner parties.

  10. So pretty, I have the blue danube china that I inherited from my grandmother and mix it with my black or white plates. Would love to have something with more color....for now, it will have to be the tablecloth. =) Gorgeous table.

  11. Love the mix of both! :-) I have simple all white dishes and I just love them but now thinking on a small set to just add a pop of color when wanted. :-) Thanks for sharing.


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