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One Room Challenge: Week Three

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alrighty then.  It is week three of the One Room Challenge.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can educate yourself here, here, and here.  Basically, I am in over my head in this with 19 other bloggers.  We have 6 weeks to make a room look better.  I have stalled for three weeks and now ya'll want a money shot. Well, too bad.

I do have updates - just not a lot of photos to show you.  Thankfully you are a visual bunch with great imaginations and can picture how wonderful this will be when it is over ;).

To bring you up to date, the bed in question is being painted high gloss black.  It will be such an improvement. The thought was to either paint the bed or paint the chest of drawers so the chest will stay as is.  I'm afraid if I start painting everything the room will end up looking like a bowl of skittles.  I have considered changing out the hardware.  It is on its last legs and will be replaced soon so I'm leaning toward leaving it alone.  I bought hardware when I thought I was going to paint it, but don't think this hardware will look good on stained wood.  To be determined.

The mirrors were delivered this week and the original plan was to use them behind the bed when I thought the bed was going to remain stained.  Now with a black bed, the black mirrors and black sconces were all a bit too, shall we say, emoo.  Just so you know, preppy boy does not want an emoo room.  Thank.goodness.  So, I hung them above the chest of drawers and am rather pleased with how they look.  Sort of Harry Potter meets Ralph Lauren.

Here is an idea board that I have been playing around with.

  • A gallery wall will go behind the bed in stained wooden frames
  • An assortment of pillows to add interest on the bed.
  • Black bed.
  • Sconces move to side walls.  
  • Gray plaid bedding & matelasse.
  • Charcoal curtains.
  • The bed skirt is white and rests on white floors.  I plan to add a grosgrain trim along the bottom edge for contrast.  
  • Green accents throughout.

Last on the list is this closet.  It will be organized.  Pray for me.

Now let's see what the others have been up to...


  1. It sounds like all of the bloggers involved in the ORC are daunted by the task, but everyone is doing so well! I'm in love with the chest just as it is, and the mirrors hung about it look fantastic and very classically preppy. Good luck organizing that closet! :)

  2. Your plan sounds great Rene! I know it will all come together for you and your son will love it!

  3. Oh, the bed is going to look so good in black and I can totally imagine the dresser being the perfect warm wood with your grays! Great choice for masculine mirrors. At least the mess is in the closet! :)

  4. Oh girl I love a good that you got help with painting the bed....that would have taken way too many man hours. You never know what you will find in that closet...damn these older houses and their small closets. It's getting there!

  5. I like it! The wood frames for the gallery wall over the bed will be the perfect knitting together of the wood/black. Thank goodness Linda is cracking her whip, it will help everyone wrap up their projects!

  6. kids closets are the worst- good luck with that!! love the dresser and the mirrors! their shield shape is awesome- perfectly masculine but still interesting.

  7. Ooo I like the mirrors even better over the dresser! Can't wait to see the bed!!!

  8. bwahahaha Sherry. I also appreciate a good stall, but I can totally visualize what you're talking about. I think the bed is going to look sick painted high gloss black. That's what we did with Well's big girl bed and its awesome! Can't wait to see more next week. Hint Hint :)

  9. I am so happy you are painting the bed. It will be great. Just put a bunch of hooks on the inside of the closet door, that's all boys want. Don't worry, Sherry goes till week 53.

  10. Your plan is fantastic! Can't wait to see. I love your description of Happy Potter meets Ralph Lauren!

  11. The painted bed will look fab. HIgh gloss black - it doesn't get any better than that. Good luck with that closet - I hate tackling those things.

  12. I get it, I can see it. It's going to be fab! I like the dresser as it is~!

  13. Love your pillows for the bed. Dresser looks great!

  14. He has such great the mirrors above it. That SOOO reminds me of my Tommy's closet during the summer...he's a sophomore in college now. You will miss that mess...really!

  15. Loving the Black Bed ... so glad you made the commitment on the Dark Side!! I get where you are going and love it!! xo

  16. You keep teasing me. Can't wait to see this room. And good luck with the closet, my friend!

  17. " I'm afraid if I start painting everything the room will end up looking like a bowl of skittles." OMG best line ever. I am stealing that!

    Love how the dresser vignette turned out. I'm glad you decided to keep it wood and paint the bed instead.


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