No More Boob Light..and Random Thoughts on Storage

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  I had several posts prepared, but my computer had other plans.  How did we function before email and computers?  How?  Anyway, things are up and running and fingers crossed that it stays this way.

A couple of weeks ago, I scored a school house light on Joss & Main during the Holly Mathis event.  Did you happen to see it?  I also picked up the basket tray which I will share in another post.  Love.them.both.  For far too long, we had a "boob" light hanging in our hallway.  Sorry I do not have a before picture, but who wants to see another ugly light anyway?

Here is the new light.  We are thrilled with how it looks in the space which of course leads to a couple of more changes.  The hallway needs a fresh coat of paint - looking for a clean neutral, maybe white.  Also, I would love to change out the coat rack with something more rustic and weathered with some cool Anthro hooks.

Looking from the other direction, you see the world's smallest bathroom with black walls & vintage tile.  One of these days, when my hormones are in line with the stars, you might find me with a sledge hammer in hand re-doing that bad boy.  But until then, I have an idea for increasing storage that I think will work.

When I saw this image from Kelly McGuill, I knew in a moment that this was what I wanted to do outside our world's smallest bathroom!  Which lead me to search for other images along the same lines.

Everyone loves a good IKEA hack.  Check out this Hemnes cabinet tricked out with Martha milk paint, Farrow & Ball wall paper, and Lee Valley hardware!  A piece like this could be the best of both worlds for hidden storage and things that are nice enough to display in the glass cabinets.

My space is much smaller so I might have to go with this size which still allows for stacks of towels and a few grab  go baskets filled with essentials.

I've been keeping an eye out in the vintage stores for just the piece, but they are all either to wide or deep.  The space is tricky, but I'm hopeful.  If not, there is always IKEA.

By the way, if you missed the Joss & Main sale, you can still find similar lights elsewhere.


  1. I love the new light. I put one of those in my laundry room last year and I am so happy with it. I do still have a couple boob lights in my upstairs hallway that need to be replaced!

  2. Your new hallway light looks great! And I love the idea of a vintage metal cabinet (painted or otherwise) as a makeshift linen closet.

  3. The light looks great. And, I love your random ideas on storage :) I'd love to have a painted storage piece in our bathroom.

    Also, I'm thinking my hormones are permanently out of line with the stars. Thanks for diagnosing. Ha!

  4. Why is it always something???? I mean just when you finish up one area it is time to turn to another....! Love that schoolhouse is bound to be a classic and hopefully people all over America with replace their boob lights and we can put that term to rest :)

  5. I've got a couple boobs that need replacing, too! :) That green painted cabinet is perfection!

  6. I have a friend who has the smaller IKEA cabinet in her very chic bathroom and it looks great. I was surprised to find out it was an IKEA piece since she is a bit snobby about where she shops but she doctored it a bit with molding and it looks fantastic. Personally, I LOVE IKEA, but it is 3 hours away which makes it tricky at times. LOVe the light.

  7. One of the houses I lived in recently was built in 1920 and we created a master bathroom out of a smaller bedroom. Rather than building in storage, I used an old china cabinet with glass doors to store towels and used baskets to contain smaller items. It worked perfectly and really added to the vintage charm of the house. Love your schoolhouse light, too!

  8. I got some lanterns at Habitat for Humanity for $3.00@ to replace my boobs in the hallways..until I figure out what I want to do there. I love that you said 'when my hormones are in line with the stars'- let me know how you get to that point. Mine are all over the map.
    xo Nancy

  9. Ha! I thought I was the only one who called them "boob lights" - I have a draft post in progress "ta ta to the boob lighting" - I just have to finish actually doing the work to swap out all of the builder fixtures. Love what you chose!

  10. I love the look of a schoolhouse light Rene...and yours looks fantastic in your hall. (and I totally agree with you about boob lights...yuck) And adding storage outside your black and white bathroom (which I love btw) is a great idea. I think I like the very first picture the best...very cool.

    Have a great day!

  11. Love it! Must be cause I have two in the box waiting to go up in my front entry too! Love your ideas for the bathroom...small space...big challenge... may the Craigslist force be with you.

  12. Love that bathroom storage and well all of Kelly McGuill's home for that matter. I used two of those lights in my upstairs hall from Home Depot. What was there was horrible, so I found them in the small size that I needed at Home Depot for I think $10 each...painted the bases black and put them up. I thought I would replace them with something cooler from SchoolHouse Electric, but not at the top of my list since these look similar for the $$


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