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The Sunroom Entry

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thanks for the comments about yesterday's post!  In case you missed it, you can read more here.  Today I'm sharing more pictures of the project.  And by the way, I was so anxious to take pictures of this room while the sun was still shining that the ceiling paint didn't have time to dry.  So it might look a little spotty.

This is a hybrid room that serves many purposes.  It is my office/sun-room/mudroom.  We live in a smallish home where we try to make the most of each square foot.  I wanted to do something with this empty corner in the sun-room.  It used to look something like this with a bare wall.

The wall color was BM Stratton Blue.  Love the color, just not in this room.  And, I wanted a blue ceiling so the walls needed to be neutral for this to work.

So anyway, blank wall = potential space to organize the boy stuff.  Boys are like gas molecules.  Over time, they completely fill whatever container they are in.  Ask me how I know.  My goal was to give them a spot for their backpacks & jackets, etc. and hope that they will use it.

If you were around a few weeks ago, I shared inspiration pictures for this project.  I was searching for hooks strong enough to hold 20+ pound backpacks (whatever happened to using your locker at school?).  Strong hooks are available, but most come with a hefty price tag.  I found cast iron hooks for a steal at Hobby Lobby.

I also found this basket at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon.  Score!  Now we have a place for the various and sundry items that land on the floor.  Any suggestions for what to do when the basket is full ;)?

The Deets

Wall color - Glidden, satin white
Ceiling Color - Glidden, semi-gloss Icy Teal
Armoir - local (out of business)
Hooks - Hobby Lobby
Basket - Hobby Lobby
Chevron Rug - Joss & Main
Window Shades - Lowes


  1. it looks awesome- i love the bold pattern the rug adds! and i need to get to lowes- we need blinds like that for our room!

  2. It looks great!! Our similar space you designed is such a lifesaver-- the only problem is that with 12 hooks they have found 24 things to pile on them... that is the best boy analogy I've ever heard, by the way!!

  3. Love it all! If you find out what to do with all the extra stuff that doesnt go in the basket - I could do with some ideas too!! LOL!! Sinead

  4. You had me at the haint blue ceiling and the chevron rug is the icing on the cake! LOVE it all!

  5. have been a busy beaver. It goes without saying that I love the fresh white...and with that rug and those black hooks...a winner for sure! As to what will happen when the basket is full you can always ask them to hurry and fill it so you can make a trip to the Goodwill :)

  6. What a fun upgrade, functional too! Love the pop that the rug brings in. The full basket....hmm, maybe two? Or I am loving Sherry's thought...!

  7. Only one word for this - LOVE! and those hooks are fabulous. I'm so inspired :)

  8. I always feel more nurtured in multi-purpose rooms.

    Oddly, my mudroom is where women always congregate whether a party or a single guest.

    Won't describe it because it reads horrible but lives fabulous !

    XO T

  9. Rene, good use of space! We are faced with a similar dilemma - smallish house so spaces need to be multi-purpose. I noticed the white tile in your room and we have the same white tile in our kitchen. Man, oh man, is it hard to keep this tile clean esp. in high traffic areas!!

  10. Love your pretty and functional drop spot, the rug adds a great punch of style! I bet you'll never have to worry about the basket being full ~ the floor is easier! Guess how I know? :)

  11. Great little space! I love the textures. I live in a small house as well so am always interested to see how people keep things stylish but functional.

  12. I'd go back to Hobby Lobby ASAP and pick up one more of those baskets...set them side by side so that it fills the space in more nicely. Yes, I know the more baskets the more stuff will get thrown in them but better that than having stuff being thrown right next to it. I love that that entry space....simplicity at it's best!

  13. Cute! My suggestion: get a second basket :-)

  14. Thanks for the suggestions! Sherry, I love yours the best! As for adding another basket, I think one is plenty and I bought the last one. I considered adding a small stool, but don't feel the need to completely fill the space. A little breathing room is a good thing :).


  15. Looks fantastic Rene! Great use of space. I'm a fan of black and white and also a fan of your blue ceiling. We painted our living room ceiling a very pale blue and just love it. I am amazed at how much the kids carry in their backpacks. Some of the little girls that walk by our house in the morning look like they are about to topple over!

  16. I love it! It's gorgeous... not sure how I missed the earlier post. I especially love the white walls and blue ceiling. Beautiful!

  17. Looks great! Southern Calif. homes don't have mudrooms. I so wish we did!

  18. It looks great Rene! I love those hooks you found--they look so substantial. I have a similar set up for the kids in our house and I just cleaned out their baskets after about a year of neglect. Pretty scary...

  19. I love this! We're just starting to talk about adding a mudroom to the side of our house. Right now we enter through the back door into our tiny kitchen. Shoes are stored in the dining room. Shoes in the dining room!?! It drive me nutso!


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