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Re-Thinking Carnations

Friday, July 6, 2012

I recently mentioned to my husband how many of my favorite bloggers have named carnations as their go-to flower.  It is true that carnations are affordable, last weeks, and provide a great pop of color.  Well, on his recent trip to the grocery, Rick surprised me with several bouquets.  Thank you sweetie!  It wasn't that I did not like carnations before, but they just seemed so...carnationy?  Well, I'm convinced now - and they really do last for weeks - double bonus!

At the risk of looking like a funeral parlor, we now have flowers in just about every room, ha!

My advice for using carnations in your home:

1. Avoid the dyed ones.  Go for natural only.

2.  Use only one color per arrangement.

3.  Use where an instant pop of color would make you squeal.

4.  Cut the tips of the stems and refresh the water every couple of days.


  1. You know my sorority flower is the pink carnation so I might be a bit biased but I do think they are a great pop of color (and who can beat the price generally!)

  2. What beautiful arrangements! When I was meeting with my florist to design my wedding bouquet and arrangements, I asked him what his favorite flower was -- and his answer was a carnation! I found that so interesting -- there he was, spending all of his time coming up with ornate and extravagant designs, and that was his favorite. I love 'em, too. ;-)

  3. Love carnations...they are my birth month flower! Love where you placed your arrangements for that gorgeous pop of color!

    Having an NC/SC Bloggers Meet and Greet..should you be interested...

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I love that they are inexpensive so you can buy them in abundance and have pops of pretty all over the house. So long lasting!

    What a sweet husband you have…..he listens to you :)

  5. I have never liked carnations until recently. it's true if grouped together they look really pretty.

  6. I've never really thought about carnations....interesting.

  7. I recently started buying single color {often just plain white} carnations, cutting the stems short and putting them around the house. I love how long they last!

  8. Love these...I'm totally going to buy carnations at the grocery this week! :)

  9. I've always been a fan of the underdog carnation if arranged just as you mention.

  10. I have been biased against carnations for years but seeing yours is making me want to give them another try! They really do come in such pretty (natural!) colors and are affordable enough that I can pick some up almost any time I run to the grocery store.


  11. i love carnations - especially in the summer - they make perfect low maintenance flower arrangements. Great tips - I think the dyed ones are responsible for giving carnations a bad reputation. ;)

  12. They have been given a bad rap......but anything that can last that long is good cause you know us "bloggers" have to have fresh flowers everywhere:)

  13. Im a convert too. They can look really great as you have them, all in one color and in big bunches.

  14. I am with you on the carnations. We are styling a wedding on a very tight budget and instead of using bunches of white peonies or roses, we are hoping to use white carnations. Grouped together - and like you said with all one color and please not the dyed ones - they are quite stunning.


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