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Big Improvements With Art & Lamps

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yesterday I spent most of the morning at a new client's home.  Amy, has a great sense of style leaning toward French vintage.  As a matter of fact, she spent last weekend at Luckett's and scored a gorgeous new/old secretary that we placed alongside the stair case.  Sorry I don't have a picture.  We covered several topics on her "wish list" while I was there.  We even began moving furniture around and came up with a better layout for the living room.

This is the living room.  It has high ceilings and the furniture ( mostly the sofa) is a little small for the room.  The sofa is by Lee and is great quality which makes it a keeper - at least for now.  So, we are working around it.

I came up with this art arrangement hoping to bring in a graphic punch and draw the eye up filling in the expansive wall.  Also, larger lamps are going to add so much to the space.

As I mentioned before, Amy has a great sense of style.  The image above is of her guest room.  I love that she is using pink in this room.  Boy moms have to find a place for pink somewhere, right?  We decided on the pink fretwork for panels - so fun!  And, she is planning to add an upholstered headboard to the bed.  This room is going to be gorgeous - lucky guests!

Do you need help planning a room?  Sometimes all you need are few finishing touches to get you there.  I would love to help you plan the space you are dreaming about.  For more information on my services go here.


  1. Just perfect. Is that a Michelle Armas print in the last image?

  2. What a difference that's going to make in the living room! You'll have to show us if you get a chance once it's all done for real.

  3. Rene, that artwork grouping will look fantastic. Looks like a fun space to work on.

  4. So fun! I love being in the space and playing around with all of the decorating options. Sounds like a productive, rewarding visit!

  5. That art is just what that space needs! Can't wait to see more on this project! Oh, and it that a print by Michelle Armaus in the guest room?!?! I adore her work!

  6. the large art grouping to draw the eye up. AND....the large lamps. I always lean for larger rather than small with lamps. It is going to be great!

  7. Thanks for the love girls!

    Ashley & Lakeitha, yes! That is original work by Michelle Armas. Great eyes you two.


  8. Wow that's a big improvement....will look so nice!

  9. What a difference that's going to make in the living room! You'll have to show us if you get a chance once it's all done for real.
    Thank you for post..

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  10. Your vision is spot-on, Rene. The grouping of prints and the larger lamps make a huge difference. Great eye!

  11. Rene great additions, I love the Botanical Wall!

    Art by Karena

  12. Love the artwork over the sofa and the new lamps are going to look great!

  13. The arrangement you came up with makes such a huge impact in the look of the room. Way to go! I bet she can't wait to get started.

  14. What a difference. Great idea to hang the botanicals. Love it.


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